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The ultimate guide to a paw-tastic Easter

The ultimate guide to a paw-tastic Easter

Join Ryder and his Paw Patrol pals this Easter on their mystery-solving adventures in their search for pirate treasure, when they discover a secret map! This week saw the launch of the new DVD "Paw Patrol: Pups and the pirate treasure" which has 6 new fabulous episodes to sail through. VIEW the POST

Join us on Friday for a #zackandquack Twitter party

On Friday the 7th February I will be hosting a very special party, a Twitter party to celebrate the premiere episodes of Zack and Quack and you are cordially invited. All you need is Twitter and the hash-tag #zackandquack - then you will be ready to go and ready to win big prizes.  VIEW the POST

Bubble Guppies Toys from Fisher Price

If anyone has watched Nick JR with their little one recently, you would have come across the wonderful Bubble Guppies: Its a fin-tastic cartoon that focuses on teaching the children in a fun way. One of our favourite episodes in the Constant household is when they all tell us where milk comes from. I love the little mer-cows! I have to warn you, if you haven’t watched it and are inspired to after reading this post the theme tune is very very catching and me and Noah spend the whole day singing the Bubble Guppies theme tune… Fisher Price have captured the characters incredibly well with their new range of Bubble Guppies toys and there are lots of fun toys for the little ones to play with and explore. …