So far this year, many families have been taking up new hobbies and new activities to keep busy during lockdown. From baking and painting, to cycling and home cinema nights, there have been plenty of fun things to keep the whole family entertained. If children are into video games, then there are even some useful tips on minecraft for parents to teach adults the basics. However, when the weather is good outside, it’s great to get outside and get some fresh air as a family. While skateboarding might be more exciting for the children, adults can still join in so that the whole family can learn to skate together. 

Learning New Skills Together

In 2020, many people have been heading outdoors, while social distancing, to stretch their legs and get some exercise. Skating as a family is a great mode of transport, particularly on quiet stretches of pavement and at the beach. Riding a skateboard is way faster than walking and it also provides more flexibility than riding a bicycle. Like any other recreational activity or sport, skateboarding is a physical activity that requires practice. Together families can learn and teach each other how to properly balance on a board without falling off. Whether it’s skating for five minutes or thirty minutes, skateboarding can help families improve their balance, get their legs moving, and keep them active. 

When first starting off, there are a few easy skateboard tricks for beginners, such as the ollie and the kick turn, that you can learn. Learning how to ride switch and drop in on ramps and bowls are also some useful techniques for beginners to practice. While you might need to practice again and again to get it right, you will soon get the hang of it and will be spending some quality time together and having fun as a family. 

Three Important Things Every Skater Needs

  1. A suitable skateboard

To even get started with skateboarding, your family needs the right boards. There are many kids skateboards that are available that have awesome deck artwork. Children can pick out the right style and size that they want for their very first board. Adults can also find one that is suitable for them too. If your family later decides that skateboarding is definitely for them, then you can always style up your board later with new wheels and other board accessories.

  1. Protective gear 

At the start, while parents and children might not be going very fast on their boards, it’s still important to wear the correct protective gear for safety. Even the most experienced skaters fall off and scrape their knees from time to time. A helmet is one of the most important pieces of protective gear that you should buy along with your skateboard. Other safety gear to consider for a safer and more comfortable ride include knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards. 

  1. To learn the basics

As well as choosing the right skateboard and protective equipment, another important thing that beginner skaters need is to know the basics. For example, learning how to control the board properly is very important. This skateboarding how to guide from Slick Willie’s is full of useful information to teach you everything you need to know. Their guide has useful tips and advice on how to push off, how to turn, and how to stop. These are all essential techniques to know when children and adults are just starting off as skating beginners.

Featured image by Niket Nigde on Unsplash

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Last Update: Monday, 31st August 2020