This place is incredible. No wonder it’s called the UK’s favourite theme park. There is something for everyone here and even on a hot, bank holiday Sunday, we had a fabulous day. Our favourite area had to be the Lost Kingdom, which I will explain a little more about later. The children enjoyed the huge toy shop at the end of the day too (it’s ginormous). Here are my tips on making the most out of your day at Paultons Park. 

Preparation before your trip 

We looked on the website before we went, mostly because the kiddies and I were excited. But also because we found some really useful resources: they have an entire section on the website detailing rides and attractions. You can specify your children’s ages and work out what you can and cannot go on. Brilliant idea. Before we even left the house, I knew the children could only “not” go on a handful of rides. Noah was tall enough for them all except one. So I knew it would be a fabulous day. 

I would also make sure you have a handy rucksack with you, that hasn’t got valuables in. This is because some of the rides (if you are all going on) you have to leave bags on the side when you get on the ride. You collect it as soon as you get off the ride. I had a camera and purse in my bag, nothing was stolen, which is great. But I felt nervous leaving them. 

You can check out the theme park map online too, so you can get a grasp of where the facilities are: namely the toilets! If you’re children are anything like mine they will need the toilet every 5 minutes. 

The Lost Kingdom 

This was our favourite section. It had some fabulous rides for the children and for the grown ups. The first ride we went on was “The Flight of the Pterosaur” and we only had to queue for 20 minutes. We were all amazed. Isla was just tall enough to go on it too. It looked quite scary from the ground, you dangle in a chair. But once you are harnessed in, it feels really secure and you are not really dangling if that makes sense. It’s a brilliant ride and the design is great too. Lots of swirling round in circles and you do get quite high too. 

The other ride we loved in the Lost Kingdom was the Velociraptor, Isla was just tall enough for this ride too. We literally had no wait to get on this ride. I was amazed. I loved Isla’s little excited face as we waited for our turn, she was so excited. This ride basically reverses up into the sky and catapults you forward. You go round a few circular sections and then up at the other end. It’s meant to copy how a Velociraptor would throw you up in the air and toss you around, if you were his dinner of course. 

Noah really loved the Magma ride, Isla was just a little too short to go on this. Its a really frightening ride actually. To look at from the ground and to be on. You sit in a circle around a huge pole. You are taken up into the sky, around 25 metres, it then drops you up and down for a few minutes before bringing you back down. It was great fun. My legs were crossed and my tummy had butterflies at first, I love that feeling you get from rides like this. Noah had a huge smile on his face when we got off. Although it was a short queue, it was quite a long wait. I think it’s because the ride only holds a handful of people and it is quite a long ride. Swings and roundabouts! 

We had a little problem when we got to the Wave Runner ride (near Peppa Pig World), Nanny didn’t want to go on it and both children did. Paultons Park were fantastic about it though. They let me queue up, like normal, with Isla. We went down the slide. Then I collected Noah and walked straight back up to the top and went down with him. I was so relieved I didn’t have to queue twice. So make sure you ask if you need assistance like that! 

Peppa Pig World

We did have a wonder through Peppa Pig World. I can now see why the rest of the park had really quick queues and didn’t feel too crowded. Everyone had gone to Peppa Pig World. It was so busy. We didn’t go on any of the rides as the children wanted to go on the other rides first, we figured we would go back to Peppa Pig World next time. I would say you definitely need 2 days to get around the park and go on every ride. 

Parks and green spaces

I loved the spaces between sections. It felt so green and pretty. Lots of parks plotted around. Also there are a lot of animals scattered around too. The children loved the mazes and fountains. They looked incredible. It was nice to walk around here and let the children soak up some energy from the pretty gardens and green trees. It is looked after really well. The main space is in-between the main park and Peppa Pig World. 

Tickets and prices

To get into Paultons Park for a family of 4, tickets cost ยฃ105, if you book in advance. I would recommend doing it over 2 nights too and that costs an extra ยฃ91. Which gives you a slight discount on the 2nd day. There are quite a few hotels near by that are a reasonable rate. There is also a McDonalds near by too – we stopped there for the childrens’ dinner on the way home. Which was handy. They fell asleep 2 hours in and so the rest of my journey was rather peaceful. 

Here are some of my favourite photos of our fun trip to Paultons Park. We loved it. We had such a great day and definitely want to go back next year. Or, even for Halloween, they have lots of fun things on over the festive periods. 

My favourite photos of the day

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