We were sent some fantastic items from Go Travel at the start of the Summer holidays and they have been invaluable. All the long drives, the flights, the waiting around for various things can be really boring for children. The travel accessories we received have meant that the children can be comfortable and also entertained. They also have something nice to snuggle too.

Child safe headphones

What is are child safe headphones? Well it means that the sound is not deafening and protects their little ears. Isla has a pink pair and Noah has the blue pair and they love them. The headbands adjust so that it can fit different sized heads and they are really easy to use. Isla has no trouble working out how to adjust them. There is only one cable that comes from the headphones to the device, so this limits the amount of cables around the children’s body. I have to say though, the children only use them when supervised. I would not let them go to bed with the headphones on for example. It’s also nice not to hear two lots of The headphones retail at £12.99.img_1027

Cool travel pillows

The kids love their travel pillows. Noah has a Monster flat next pillow and Isla has the Monkey flat neck pillow. They use them when they are chilling at home, in the car and even used them on the flights over the summer. They came in very useful camping too as we do not have pillows in their sleeping bags – so they had them as support on their camping beds. They are really comfortable and literally wrap around your neck, so your head can just relax and you feel comfortable. They also act as a fluffy (and soft) plush on those long journeys. Isla feeds her Monkey pillow and talks to it on long journeys, it is really cute. The pillows retail at £8.99.

img_0066Go Travel have so many fun kids travel accessories on their website, there are a lot of things that will help you get through those long journeys and things that are just practical purchases. I love the night glow monkey – that would be perfect for camping too and the mosquito net. The website is really attractive and easy to use. Their prices are reasonable and the service was impeccable. Great delivery and speedy too.

What travel accessories can your children not live without? I would love to see your comments below.

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Last Update: Friday, 30th September 2016