Bali is renowned for it’s beauty, prices and for ultimately just being a wonderful place to travel to. Whether you want the full tourist experience or to get off the beaten track a little (there are still some places like this in Bali), you’ll just love your visit. If you want to maximise your time you should definitely consider taking a Bali Tour. Here is our top five list of tips to get the best out of Bali and ensure that the experience is fun and relaxing for everyone in the family.

  1. Weather and What to Bring

Bali is hot, and that‘s why people love it! The rainy season is October to April and the driest period is from May to September. If you want to beat the crowds a little, going in the off season right at the start of October or near the end of April you might get lucky and avoid the worst of the rains but of course, there is no guarantee. Whenever you go you will only need to bring light and summery clothes and whatever beach gear you want to bring along. Everything in Bali is very reasonable, so most people just buy what they think they need when they get there so don’t stress too much if something is forgotten.

  1.  How to Avoid Bali Belly

The best things to do to avoid this pesky holiday bug is to try and stick to bottled water (even when brushing your teeth) and avoid ice in your drinks. Most food isn’t a problem as long as it’s cooked, if you are concerned about fruit and other things just give them a rinse with bottled water before you eat them or just give them a miss. If you do succumb, just stay hydrated and maybe have a few electrolyte drinks and try not to let it spoil the fun!

  1. Food and Drink

You can eat whatever you like in Bali from all the Indonesian staples, to other Asian classics, plus your western standards, like chips and burgers. Food and drink is cheap here so order whatever you want and eat like a king, drink like a fish and enjoy the service because once you leave it’s back to reality and regular prices!

  1. Where to Go

Aside from the beaches where you can swim, snorkel and dive to your hearts content, you should set aside some time to visit a few of the islands you aren’t staying on and see the sights. The villages are so beautiful and green and from above the rice farms are gorgeous and picturesque. Hit the street markets for a bargain on almost anything you could think of to buy and have a look at the islands from above at Mount Batur Volcano.

  1.  Family Hotspots

If you and your family find yourselves in the unlikely position of being sick of the beaches, there are a couple of great things that you can all do together on your stay in Bali. The best thing to do is visit the Ubud Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, here you can get up close and personal to a different kind of Balinese local! The Forest is gorgeous but if you have anything you particularly want to take back home with you it’s probably best not to bring it along with you, because the monkeys seem to think what’s yours is theirs, so keep your sunglasses, hats and money stowed! Another great place to go for a change of scenery is to the  Waterbom Park, let the kids get wet and wild while you curl up by the pool and enjoy a few cabana cocktails!

Stick to the basics and you will have a great holiday and remember there is a reason people just keep going back to Bali!

Temple image by ShutterStock.

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