Getting everything perfect for our Summer Holiday 2022 is quite stressful. Do we have enough activities planned? Are there enough snacks in the cupboard? Will the kids remember their Summer with big smiles on their faces? This is Noah’s last Summer Holiday as a primary school child as he starts secondary in September. These are the top items we think you will need this August and September:

Echo auto

Did you know you can bring Alexa to your car? Yes you can! For the first time ever, Amazon’s Echo technology comes to UK cars, making long journeys much more enjoyable. Together, families can play their favourite music, ask Alexa questions, stream podcasts and radio stations, and get directions to wherever they are planning to go. It is amazing! You can get your Echo Auto from Halfords for £49.99.

Sand-free towels

These are an absolutely must have for families. We love our Tesalate sand-free towels and have a few now. Perfect for beach days as the sand simply falls off. Check out our full review of these amazing towels over on the blog: essential Summer items. They come in 2 different sizes and so many fun patterns. You will never want a normal towel again!

Waboba Pro Ball

This is not just any ball! It is a Waboba Pro Ball, which means it can bounce on the water! This has brought endless fun to the family over the Summer, perfect for the sea, swimming pools and paddling pools. It literally bounces off the water and you can play for hours of fun in the water. Currently on offer for £8.07 on Amazon.

Back seat organiser

With Lux Car’s Back Seat Organiser (£18.99), children can travel in style for all journeys. With the ultimate premium back seat organiser, there’s a place for everything. This includes a phone or tablet holder – perfect for watching the latest show, an adjustable tray table for snacks, two drink holders, and a bin compartment to keep the area spick and span. Plus, the tray table can be folded away securely, allowing for more space. It is perfect for the kids on long journeys. Or just the ones around the corner too!

Water shoes

The children and Daddy are always in the water, we would not survive without water shoes. They are so important for keeping your feet safe and they help to prevent slipping too. We get the waterproof sandals from Keen Shoes, they are really comfortable and stylish. I wear mine all the time in the warmer months!

Do you have any amazing ideas of what you need for the Summer Holiday 2022? Whether it be for the garden, staycation or a trip abroad I would love to know in the comments below.

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Last Update: Monday, 15th August 2022