Week 4 and another chance to honour my Grandad’s intelligent and wonderful life! Thursday Thoughts. Grandad’s favourite day was a Thursday, the significant things always happened on a Thursday: births, celebrations and he even left us on a Thursday. Please feel free to share your Thursday Thoughts too…


It’s been just over 40 days and 40 nights and it doesn’t get any easier, it doesn’t get any better – but I never stop thinking about Grandad. The children help to deal with it, working keeps my mind occupied and challenged and I have a big support from friends and family. So I am extremely lucky in that respect. Friends and family are important, you should never shut them out nor think you have to face anything on your own. Be happy that you have them, be grateful for their love and support – but most of all never take them for granted!

It only takes a small second to ask someone how they are? A simple question could brighten up someone’s entire day!


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Last Update: Thursday, 12th September 2013