I adore wildlife programs, seeing animals in their natural habitats with up close and personal footage that makes you sit and watch in awe. The narrators too keep you gripped to the edge of your seat. There hasn’t really been something on this level for the little ones, until now, meet Jack from Wildlife Jack. 


I sat the children down, made them their tea in a picnic format and put on Wildlife Jack for the first time, Isla’s facial expression says it all. They were amazed. They thought it was brilliant too. Even Mummy learnt something new. 

The main thing I love about Wildlife Jack is that they take real life footage and add little Jack’s magic to it, its a perfect and winning combination to get the little ones interested and show them some magnificent things. 

The different episodes have different themes, so there are topics all about flying and animals from land and sea. It was great watching episode 4 of season 1, because we had spent a lot of time at the beach in May looking out for seals and spotting there heads popping up from the surface. So we could put a little more detail to the puzzles of what a seal is. Noah asks so many questions about the shows, Isla just watches in amazement. Proves to me that they are interested. 

You can see a little clip of it here: 

To find out more about Wildlife Jack and learn some more fun facts, visit the website: wildlifejack.com. You can also follow Wildlife Jack on Twitter @wildlifejack. There are lots of fun things to learn, the children too! 

We have the DVD, which is out for season 1, but i also purchased it on iTunes so we can watch it on our devices when we go camping etc. Next time we go camping to the seaside, we are going to watch the land and sea episode and see if we can find the wildlife ourselves. 


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