The ultimate guide to travelling with kids

Travelling with kids can become quite an art to get right. They get bored, travel sick or simply uncomfortable. We travel about a lot and there are a few things that we have said to each other “we really need one of these” and Bubblebum came to the rescue. They have designed two fab accessories that really helped us with travel with the kids easily. 


Two accessories for travelling with kids

image007Firstly they have launched the Sneck, which is a long cushion that can be hooked to head rests, wrapped around seat belts to prevent neck sores and also keeps their heads up right when they start to snooze in the car. One thing we really do not like is when the children fall asleep en route and their heads are dangling down into their chests – it looks so uncomfortable and cannot be good for their poor little necks. 

It comes in a useful bag, so it tidies away nicely and keeps clean too. The velcro strap makes it easy to change its shape so you can use it as a pillow at the back of your head too – which would be great for camping or visiting family. 


Secondly, Bubblebum have launched the Junkie, for organising travel goodies and there is a fold out table, snack and drink holder and if you are on a long journey and perhaps have a film loaded onto a tablet, there is a tablet holder too. The children put their drinks and books in the Junkie which sits in between them in the car. 


Our feedback

The only feedback for development I have on the products is that the Junkie moves slightly,  it doesn’t grip into position in the middle of the seat unless there are lots of things in the middle of it and if the tables were a little wider. We did have a situation where Isla wanted the table and then Noah wanted his table, they ended up having a tug of war so that one could use the table. It might be that my car is a bit wider but they soon calmed down and got on with it. Otherwise fabulous products and great for helping with travelling with kids. 

You can find the Bubblebum accessories on Amazon (links above) or visit their website:

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