Sounds like a children’s storybook title. But it’s not. I guess it was inevitable that MummyConstant would be trolled at some point, but I didn’t ever think it would be from a simple comment about chores and children. You may have seen my recent Instagram post asking for advice on what chores the children do around the house, well it caused a bit of an uproar!

It’s horrible when someone throws mud at you, however innocently or even if by passing comment – you cannot help but want to defend yourself. And, in my defence, I can honestly say that I never intended the comment to insinuate I want my children to do all of the housework! I was merely thinking about little tasks that kiddies do around the house – like making their bed. That’s not totally unreasonable, is it?

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Today marks the first day back to “normal”, our school term #routine is on. The kiddies have a usual weekly pattern of school and after school clubs mixed with cubs and football! It’s all go go go… We’re hoping to get them into extra curriculum activities next week when they start at school. Lots of fun things for the kiddies to get involved in. We’ve also created a rota at home, no devices before school. We got the kids books and maths / English books to complete in the mornings. Then after school they can chill. I’m thinking I need to start giving them some sort of chores now to earn things, the kiddies are showing an interest in the daily jobs around the house – what age did you give your kids responsibilities! #mummyphotoaday #paperchaseit

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Well, according to a few accounts on Instagram it is unreasonable! I came away from that situation with 2 things whirling around in my mind; why can’t children help around the house (I did when I was younger) and how did my words get twisted so much. The comments suggested that parents who get their kids to do chores are lazy parents. What? That it is child exploitation to get the kids to help. It’s craziness. I am slightly dumbfounded.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do think child abuse and exploitation is serious and that children should be children. Not made to work for money (as in a full time employment as they should be having an education) or not given support growing up – but all I was referring to is making their beds. Or tidying up their plates after mealtimes.

It made me feel very defensive and based on the comments across Instagram and Facebook, it made my followers defensive (and cross) too.

I get social media is all about opinion and I have mine, you have yours and they have theirs. Iam also getting the impression there are people out there who like to force their opinions on others – for whatever reason. My kids have enjoyed helping from an early age: cooking, washing machine bits and bobs but always ad hoc. Never has it become a routine.

Every parent should have the right to choose what they want their kids to do, be responsible for and involved in. And, every parent has a duty of care to look after their children.

So, back to the original question (but written differently): I am thinking my children are of an appropriate age to help with tasks around the house. Like making their beds and tidying up their dirty plates. What do your children do around the house and what ages are they? Oh and do they earn pocket money this way?

And Mr Troll – NO I am not talking about getting my child to do all of the housework whilst I sit back and watch!

What do you think?

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  • Gemma Clark
    Friday, February 21, 2020

    Lol had a little giggle at that. Wow that’s just crazy! I too did chores when I was younger and had to look after my younger sister a lot when I was old enough. I didn’t mind the chores at all, it sets you up in later life. I did however resent babysitting my sister all the time while my friends were out having fun so I always said I’d never do that to mine. My teenage daughter is a hard one to get motivated to anything for me around the house and that’s not for the want of trying lol. My youngest daughter who is 9 absolutely loves helping me clean. She will dust, hoover up, wash pots and helps me with preparing food. If you don’t get your kids to do these things what basic skills are they going to have when they set up home.

  • justine meyer
    Friday, February 21, 2020

    I did chores when I was younger but it was more as a punishement. Mine do chores now and again I never expect them to do them but it’s a bonus when they do, my sister has hers kids like little slaves which I don’t agree with. I am sure when they leave home they will either sink or swim with chores!