I have never joined in with the Sticky Fingers fun “The Gallery” before, but after seeing SusanKMann’s post on her descendents – I have been inspired. With all of the things going on in my family at the moment, celebrating them is essential and so here comes my dive into the archives:


So for the purposes of this weeks gallery I am focusing on my lovely Grandad who when he was 18, on the 16th May 1939 enrolled into the RAF and eventually became a warrant officer. Warrant Officer Bentley sounds very exciting, over the years I have spoken to Grandad about his time in the RAF and he has many lovely photos of the places he explored, which is all over the world. He left the RAF in 1966 as Warrant Officer, aged 43 and that’s the year my Mummy was born.


My photos are of Grandad during a march in front of the Mayor of Peterborough, you can just about make out Grandad in the photo above, he is the one on the left hand side of the officer in the middle with the plaque. He is holding his rifle tightly and looks very prestigious walking along. Below you can see him walking in front of the other officers.


I love the below photo as I believe it is the Mayor of Peterborough on the balcony that was cheering Grandad and companions on in the march. I may be wrong – I will double check with my Grandparents and get back to you on that!


I love celebrating Grandad’s many achievements and stories from his life, it is wonderful to hear what he did and what he experienced. It also makes me very proud to see him marching there so gallantly.

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