Back in September when the kiddies started their new school, we met a few families and these families also had children that played in Noah’s football team. It’s been good for the kiddies and for me having these relationships. We all get on really well, it’s lovely. One of the families is from America and we have fun interpreting words and their meanings. There have been some funny misunderstandings; like the one with the pot plant…

Noah has found a few things funny; like when we discussed the size of pants. In England pants = underwear, but in America it is trousers. Noah found it hilarious that we discussed the size and length of pants one day. He found it even funnier when he found out that we were actually talking about trousers. We have had a funny conversation about bins too. Noah didn’t know what trash was, it came about when we played an American card game and Noah had idea that meant the bins and rubbish.

The pot plant

On a walk with my American friend we got discussing what we were up to that day. I mentioned I was going to the garden centre to buy a pot plant. I got a funny look. I thought “oh, she thinks I am a boring person for getting so excited about this”. A few minutes passed, I think Carrie was mulling it over and all of a sudden she questioned if I was using marijuana for medicinal purposes. I couldn’t stop laughing. I explained that I simply meant a plant in a pot. It was that laughter that really hurts your belly.

Turns out in America a pot plant is the illegal drug kind. What I meant was a house plant. Oh how we laughed. The funniest misunderstanding of words I have ever come across. I think I will laugh about it for weeks to come. Just to think if Carrie hadn’t of mentioned it she would have thought I was a naughty Mummy all of this time!

Just for clarity – I do not use drugs. I meant a house plant. A plant in the pot. The one I chose is in the photo above….

Chin waggle

The first time we went out for a coffee, three Mum’s all new to each other, getting to learn each other and I said we were going out for a chin wag and a coffee. Carrie, from America, had never heard of a chin wag before and so I explained its a meet up and a chat / gossip about things and nothing in general. A couple of weeks later Carries husband asked us if we had enjoyed our “chin waggle” and we have never laughed so hard. It was utterly hilarious.

It has been really nice getting to know what different Countries do. We have been learning about the school systems and Thanksgiving. As well as discovering new ways to misunderstand each other each week. It is really funny. I am looking forward to many more funny moments that we come up against.

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Last Update: Thursday, 30th January 2020