We recently had the privilege of testing out the new Vtech Toot Toot Friends range and the children just loved it. There are so many characters and things to interact with around the house, hospital and the characters belongings that it created this new little world in the playroom. I just loved hearing Isla talking to her characters and playing along, it is great imaginative play and it will help develop their language skills over time. Noah and Isla show you around the Toot Toot Friends home and hospital, also introduce you to some of the fun characters in our video on the MummyConstant YouTube channel.

The clever little friends interact with objects like the moving horse, rocking chair and scooter. They even interact with the house and hospital itself. There are special because the characters recognise certain “magic points” around the house, hospital and objects and talk about that relevant item. So for instance there is a magic point on the toilet, when a character is placed on the toilet it will make a flush type sound and possibly say something about the toilet too. Very clever. I love the moving lift, it is brilliant. Place a character on the lift, press its tummy button and watch the lift rise or fall, depending on where the lift is. Brilliant! 

The house comes with seven magic points altogether: the toilet as mentioned above, a moving lift, the front door, the armchair by the fire, the kitchen area, the piano and the disco area. Your little Toot Toot Friends can have a little party on the middle floor and then zoom up the lift to bed when they are tired out. There are lots of things to do and Miss Nora will sing a couple of songs along the way too. 


There are quite a few characters to collect, Isla and Noah both loved it as there was lots of girls and boys to play with. We have introduced some of them in the YouTube video above, but you can see them in more detail on the Vtech website. As with all toys our little characters got muddled up from their original toys but they each come with a special object: 

  • Dylan comes with a skateboard
  • Luca comes with a bouncy plane
  • Jacob comes with a scooter
  • Dawn comes with a wagon
  • Maddie comes with a rocking horse
  • Cici comes with a tricycle 
  • Lizzie has a special trot & go pony!
  • Dr Doug comes with the hospital
  • Miss Nora comes with the house

The characters are all £8.99, apart from Lizzie who is a little more at £15.99, but hey, she does have a moving pony too! The hospital retails at £29.99 and the house retails at £44.99.  They are a great range of prices, if you are looking at collecting the entire set you can buy the house for birthdays/christmas presents and top it up with the other bits throughout the year. I think one of the characters is a good little present for a niece or nephew too if you need a little stocking gift idea, or just to add to their collection. 


The hospital has some great magic points, there are three in total: Dr Doug’s chair at his desk and his patient chair too and the other point is on a piece of purple road and there is a fun globe that lights up. There are other non-magic points to discover at the hospital, like the eye exam and the manual lift (it’s not electric like the house) and there is a lot of road to join the house and the hospital together. The characters can zoom to hospital on their skateboards to visit their friends or see Dr Doug. Dr Doug has two fun songs to sing or he might just introduce himself and tell you what he likes – it’s always nice to have a friendly doctor. 


You can look at the range on the Vtech website here and check out in more detail what they all do. You can follow the fun on social media too: Facebook and @VTechToysUK


You can also see a snippet of fun with the Toot Toot Friends in our video here

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Last Update: Thursday, 19th July 2018