The appointment went well, considering! I went in with the mood of not to be messed with, came out feeling like I hadn’t been messed about – so that’s a bonus!

I firstly spoke to the midwife about my sickness bug, the cramps and tightenings I’d had all weekend. She told me the tightenings were fine and there are lots of bugs about so not to worry. Which is good, she said as long as I managed to keep liquid down, it’s fine. My wee sample came up perfect, if I was still poorly from the weekend it would’ve flagged up, surely?

I then proceeded to discuss my absolute disappointment in the lack of support from the physio and the midwives when calling them up about it. She told me she is going to personally write to the physio, explaining I’ve been trying to arrange an appointment and hopefully they will contact me… Fingers crossed. I’m not too hopeful.

As for bump, it measured 32.5cms, which is perfectly in line with where it should measure. I remember the midwife telling me with Noah, that the measurement from pubic bone to the top of the uterus should measure the cm’s you are in weeks. we were 32 weeks and 5 days at the appointment. So I’d say we are pretty spot on…

The heartbeat is fine, the midwife said its nice and strong. I’m assuming this is a good thing. The bubba has its head down too, it’s been snug down there for a few weeks now. Hence the extra pains in my pelvis!

Oh well, soon be a baby not just a bump!


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Last Update: Sunday, 18th March 2012