The indoor BBQ – Autumnal vegetarian burger #TurnOnYourCreativity #GrilledByBreville

I love quick and simple food, that can be cooked in minutes and tastes delicious. In a busy, working, family it is essential.  So when I was asked to team up with Breville to create a tasty quick meal, I couldn’t resist. I cannot turn down a challenge and this one was a lot of fun – I was asked to make a one minute video showing you how to recreate my little indoor BBQ. So I thought of my favourite vegetarian burger and hey presto.

The meal is using the new Breville Ultimate Grill and what better food to grill than BBQ food. It is really easy to use, you literally turn it on and choose the heat and it’s incredibly easy to clean too. The ceramic coating on the plates makes it really easy to cook and clean. In the instructions it clearly tells you how long to cook different foods, from fish, meat and vegetables. It also has some yummy recipes in the back.


[ultimate-recipe id=”37333″ template=”default”]

Serve this with a buttered corn on the cob, or grill the aubergine with a sticky honey sauce – or a harissa sauce with a bit of a kick. You could add caramelised onions too.

What would you make on this fabulous grill, I would love to know in the comments below or on social media: @mummyconstant and #GrilledByBreville.

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