Do you love your jewellery? Yes? Well, that’s understandable. It holds value for lots of people– whatever its style is. You may find it tricky to maintain its appeal. It doesn’t have to be, though. All you need to do is follow the dos and don’ts. To find out more, read on…

Don’t: Forget to Clean Jewellery 

Jewellery is often precious. It can be costly, too. You’ll no doubt want to uphold its glamour. And luckily, this is easy – and simple – to do. 

Very often, it requires just one practice: don’t forget to clean your garments. Install regular reminders – either on your phone or with post-it notes – and you’ll be able to do this. 

Do: Wash Regularly 

How often should we clean jewellery? Should it be a daily chore? Or can we do it once in every while? The answer depends on you – and more specifically, the state of your pieces. 

Items that you wear daily may benefit from a weekly wash. Do this, and you could avoid the build-up of dirt and grime. 

Don’t: Buy ‘Special’ Detergents 

Don’t be fooled. So-called jewellery cleaners aren’t that effective. They tend to only exist to benefit the seller. 

For the best results, trust traditional cleaning products, like washing-up liquid. Have they let you down before? 

Do: Clean Properly 

Clean wisely. It isn’t as hard as it may sound. In fact, it’s fairly straightforward. To wash jewellery properly, pour warm water into a medium bowl. 

After this, add a squirt of either washing-up liquid or mild dishwasher detergent. Usually, you just need to mix 1-part cleaner to 3 parts water. 

If a piece is especially dirty, how about an overnight soak? As with your dishes, it could help to remove stains. 

For a traditional alternative, why not use lemon juice? Just squirt it onto each piece before drying off with a towel or cloth. 

Proper cleaning doesn’t have to be difficult – particularly when it comes to jewellery. 

Don’t: Leave Jewellery Lying Around  

It may sound obvious. But it’s easy to mislay small items – especially jewellery. Many people lose bracelets, rings and earrings on a daily basis, through the simplest of tasks. 

To avoid this, look to your phone. Set yourself hourly reminders to check that all valuables are still in place. That way, you stand to hold onto these pieces for longer. 

Do: Store It Safely 

How’s your jewellery box looking? Are some pieces – like necklaces – in knots? Then it may be time to explore different storage options. 

Why don’t you hang bracelets and necklaces on stands? In doing so, you can stop them from tangling. It’s typically far more effective than cramming them into a draw or confined slot. 

Similarly, sealable units can be useful for holding delicates like earrings. Buy a portable one, and you’ll be able to protect all studs, hoops and dangly ear pieces on the go. 

Store jewellery wisely, and you could keep it safe for years to come. 

How can I protect my precious items? It’s a common question. But once you know how, you can. Use these tips, and you could achieve this easily. 

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Last Update: Wednesday, 10th April 2019