In the Constant household, holidays need to be planned according to Daddy’s diary, what with the Wedding season being his main focus, getting away in England, in the summertime, when it’s the best time of year to do the English holiday – is quite tricky! So what would be best for us? Where is best to go for those English summer breaks? A family orientated place, that would allow pets and something we can possibly do Mon-Fri as the weekend is Wedding time. We usually do our abroad trips later on in the year, nearer to little man’s birthday as the Wedding season calms down a lot by then.

BUTLINS_LOGO_REDAs I have started to think about it already, I took a look at the Butlins website, which my Mother in Law said would be good for an English family holiday. She used to take Daddy Constant and his sisters there when they were younger. My first impressions of Butlins, from the website, is that it looked “fun” and definitely family oriented. You can click on the “where to stay” link and view all of their locations across the country and decide which one is best for your family needs. I think we would be more inclined to go to the Minehead resort. The fantastic thing about Butlins is that you get the Mon-Fri deals, which would be perfect for our family needs and the business needs, it really is a great solution. The outside park looks like a lot of fun and the facilities in the park look amazing. I am so impressed with what you get on the resort. I can’t wait to get booked up, I just know Noah and Isla will love it, especially the swimming pool!


We are really lucky as the tiny humans are not in school yet, so we can make the most out of their “Save up to a 1/3rd” offer. I was gobsmacked at how good the price was for the accommodation and the buffet breakfast/3 course evening meal add on. When going through the booking process it asks you if you are going to bring your own cot, or if you would like to hire one at an extra cost- which is great. A lot of places really do not consider that bringing your own would be free. You get offered a range of different rooms, with different layouts and if you do not fancy the dining plan option you can amend that as you go. One thing that I did notice from the sample menu is the Annabel Karmel recipes on the kids menu, what a fantastic idea. I would be safe in the knowledge that little Noah would be eating healthy meals and meals that are delicious (yes I have tried them myself!). They really have thought about everything.


The only other factor that I would need to heavily consider is the no dog policy on the Butlins resorts. I found this out really quickly, due to the easy navigation on the site. So we will not be able to take the little furball Constants with us, but in order for the family to have a great time away and more for the kids’ sake, we could consider the dogs going to their holiday destination for a week – the kennels!

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Last Update: Friday, 8th February 2013