Noah – 2 Years and 3 Months


Noah Sentences

We are getting very good at putting words together or at the very least making things sound English. Noah says things like “sit with Mummy” or “I want my Mummy”. It’s great as you can understand him a lot better, when Daddy says goodbye he always says “Daddy gone, in car” as Daddy obviously likes to go out in his car! He is good at the “me” word now, he knows who he is and identifies himself in photos. He has said mine a few times instead of “me’s” too, so he’s picking that up well.


Noah loves his numbers at the moment, 1-10 are the best things for a little Noah. He likes watching the number programmes on TV still, which is fab. I’ve always counted everything I can, since Noah was walking. When we walk up & down stairs, or counting toys/bricks. Repetition is good as he picks things up. He was saying 1,2,3 very early on! Now we can see the numbers and know what they are, so his understanding is getting better.


Toddler Tantrums

Yes, they’re still around! More so when Isla is involved. He pushes her over and hits her on the head when she goes near him playing. I’ve noticed it’s more when he’s already been playing with toys and she tries to join in. But if she plays with something he hasn’t begun to play with, it’s ok! Sharing is clearly going to be an issue but I’m hoping we can address that as he gets older.

Nap time!

Noah doesn’t nap in the afternoons anymore, although if I really tried to get him to sleep I’m sure he would. So what we’ve introduced in light of this, is a 6pm bedtime routine: bath at 6pm and straight into jim jams and story time. Islas getting used to this too and on a good night, they’re both asleep by 7pm. I’m sure once nursery or something kicks in, he’ll have his naps then. If we go out in the car, he’ll definitely nap, sometimes that’s a good thing and sometimes not. He does get very agitated towards the 5:30pm time of day, but at least we know he’s ready for bed.



Noah still loves playing with all his toys that have been around since he was a baby, but we are slowly moving into the creative play stages. He loves drawing, albeit scribbling with colours and he likes being messy with paints and he loved his bath paint that he got for Christmas.

When he play with Woody and Buzz, they come to life now and he puts Woody in an upright position and makes him walk along things whilst Noah narrates what’s happening, in gibberish.
He still loves playing with his car park, which he got as a gift for his christening at 9 months and he can’t get enough of it. He uses it at least 5 x’s in a day, whether it be with cars or rolling ball pool balls down it.
He loves Playdoh and making it squidge out of the octopus that came with his Playdoh kit. He’s getting more creative and imaginative, which you can see in his play. It’s great fun to watch.


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  • Notmyyearoff
    February 9, 2013

    Z is 2 months younger than Noah and I’m dreading the day when he drops naps. He is starting to resist naps so I think they’ll go soon. I love the 6pm bedtime idea though. I love their imagination at this age, it’s so cute and I could watch it for hours! 🙂

  • lucy at dear beautiful
    February 9, 2013

    I love reading these posts about what Noah is up to. Noah is three months older than my little man and its so funny reading them because they seem to get into similar things at the same times. Like we have an obsessions with numbers in this house too. And are suddenly putting more and more words together. Although we’re still hanging on to our afternoon naps thankfully. How on earth do you cope with two when you don’t get a little afternoon break? You’ll have to give me some tips when the time comes at this end! X

    • MummyConstant
      February 9, 2013

      Ah thanks Hun. It’s nice of you to say. Glad my posts make for an interesting read. I love this age. They Are so amazing xx

  • He’s so handsome honey! It’s been lovely watching him grow up these last few months. Sounds like he’s doing really well. I really should start talking to Dexter more I do, but it’s all ‘baby talk’ – sounds like you’ve got it spot on with the counting etc x

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Noah – 2 Years and 3 Months

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