Well, I am quite late for the Cervical Screening Awareness week, however awareness is awareness! Some of you may remember 2 years ago I received the Smear Results: Abnormal Cells. Abnormal cells, high grade (severe) dyskaryosis to be exact. It was really scary and I wouldn’t wish the process on anyone, but it’s very common and the procedure over in 90 minutes. This is part 3 of the Cervical Smear Diaries.

So firstly, here is what I went through with symptoms, smear test and treatments. This was when I felt the most vulnerable. Being told you had cervical cancer, well what the professional thought was cervical cancer, is really daunting. The doctor explained what would happened, that I would have a treatment to cut out the cells.

My friends Mum, who I could have hugged for eternity, told me a lot about the process. How the cells develop and how they are treated. It’s all in the post linked above if you interested.

After the LLETZ treatment I got an infection and had to deal with that whilst awaiting my results. It was, again, another scary time.

I am so grateful to the NHS who dealt with it quickly, my appointment was 90 minutes. I went in with severe grade cells and came out without them. It’s incredible how efficiently they dealt with it all.

Since then I have had a smear test, 6 months after treatment, and all was clear. So I am back in the 3 year cycle rotation. It does still worry me that one day they might grow back but I know the process now – how they will be cut out quickly and it will be dealt with.

I have another 18 months until my next smear test. BUT, if I get the same symptoms again I will not hang about. I will get myself to the doctor and get checked out as soon as possible.

Happy to answer any questions that you may have, it is scary but it’s very common. Just remember that. You are not alone! If you want to read more about my experiences, please read the other 2 parts of the Cervical Smear Diaries:

Part 1 – https://mummyconstant.com/the-cervical-smear-diaries-symptoms-smear-treatment/

Part 2 – https://mummyconstant.com/cervical-smear-diaries-aftermath-infection-results/

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  • it's Carmen
    Saturday, June 29, 2019

    Cervical health is so important! Thanks for raising awareness. :]

  • Jenny
    Saturday, December 25, 2021

    I had this visit with cervical concerns from a doc and I’m waiting for the next appt to go in for next steps. Thank you for detailing your experience. It was a very scary visit just before Christmas. This blog helped.