Selfies. We can’t live with them, we can’t live without them. OK, maybe we could live without them, but it seems that a second doesn’t go by without some kind of selfie being posted on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter – you name it! As selfies are such a common thing these days, it’s worth knowing how to address them when it comes to your kids. After all, your kids are going to be bombarded with selfies just as much as you are. What kind of people take selfies? Should your kids be taking selfies? Let’s discuss!

Selfies – A Vain and Self Centred Act?

First off, it’s important to note that taking a selfie does not make a person vain or self centred. A selfie is a way of saying, ‘I want to be seen’ and that should be celebrated. We should all feel confident enough to take a picture of ourselves, share it with the people we like, and feel good about it. It promotes confidence, which is something many kids need to learn about! However, it’s important that kids realise that there’s no such thing as a ‘perfect’ selfie. Selfies can look great whether they are candid or posed, but perfect does not exist. Make sure they know that it isn’t just pictures in magazines that are photoshopped. Many people out there are naturally stunning, but sometimes, editing tools give them a little help to look this way. Your children should never feel under pressure to look perfect, or feel like they have to smooth out their skin and slim their bodies to put up a nice picture of themselves!

Once they know these things, you could give them a few tips to take a selfie that they like; working angles, for example. The infographic below can help!

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