The Summer has officially started and we have been making the most out of it. Rutland water is a great place to spend family time: there is a beach, lake, huge park and cycle paths. We had lots of fun and a yummy picnic too! Not forgetting a well earned ice cream from the lakeside cafe. 

The kiddies had fun making a pretend camp fire, they made us all sit around the pretend fire and it was like we were in the middle of the forest on a special camping trip. They explained how they did it all and who did what bit, which made us laugh. 

We then went to play in the park and eat an ice-cream, which was needed as it was super hot. It’s amazing how many hours we spent chilling at Rutland water. It’s a really nice location. 

Noah and Isla went swimming in the lake, it was quite cold but I bet a nice, refreshing break from the heat. I love seeing the children entertain themselves, it’s nice that they get to use their imaginations too – making the campsite etc.  


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Last Update: Wednesday, 9th January 2019