Ha! New husband sounds funny. He is obviously my husband, the only husband I have ever had and will ever have. But, over the past few months my husband has been working incredibly hard to loose weight and tone up. He has done a remarkable job, so much so that all of his clothes do not fit him. With three wedding invitations this year he had to do something about it.


I love styling my husband, I love picking him out clothes and items that he doesn’t usually wear, I love finding unique men’s accessories that make outfits look different. But this year he pulled out all the stops with the best suit I have ever seen and a completely different style to anything he would have chosen before. The slim fit! He would never have chosen a slim fit suit before as he has always had quite muscly legs, which he felt didn’t look right in slim fit trousers. Now his legs are still muscly but where he has lost so much weight he can wear them. He looked amazing in it.

It is amazing what fitness and eating habits can do to your body, how they make you feel and what you look like on the outside too. He always looks bright and awake and his body is just transforming by the week. He looks fabulous, did I mention that?  It makes shopping for classy and highend apparel all the more fun when he has so much more confidence too. I am going to have fun over the summer/autumn change over because all of his clothes for cooler temperatures will not fit him.

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