I love being creative, albeit I do not get the chance to do it very often at the moment. Adding a little extra sparkle to Isla’s clothes or personalising their clothes is something that I try to do when we can. We got through a lot of white tee’s with Noah! Here are some of the ways I like to make a little statement and personalise your children’s clothes. 

Using an online printer

There are some really good online printers and I found printful.com recently who not only print fabulous personalised clothes but they also allow you to add your own images to the prints and design them yourself. This is great for if you want to make fun Halloween or Christmas gifts for your children and family. I love the idea of getting tee’s with slogans like “He’s gonna get you” for Halloween or “She’s sprinkling a little magic” for Christmas. 

Adding some sparkle 

If you have not got a glue gun at home yet, then I would suggest you get one. It is my favourite thing to do when crafting as it’s messy play for grown-ups – but not that messy! The other way to add some sparkle to your clothes is to sew sequins in a nice pattern. This can be time consuming for larger patterns but look really effective once complete. 

Iron on stickers 

You can buy iron on stickers from shops and online, most things these days, for example letters to spell out names or words. Albeit I wouldn’t recommend writing a child’s name on their sweater, but you could do a surname or nickname. Noah’s nickname for example is Rainbow so I could use that on an item of clothing to give it a more personalised effect. 

Adding bows 

I love the idea of making bows or features out of old clothes and adding them to new favourites. For example, a top that doesn’t fit anymore, using that fabric to make a pretty bow and add it as an embellishment onto a new piece of clothing. 

Poms Poms

Pom Poms are all the fashion at the moment, they are on clothes, blankets, cushions and towels. I love them. If you have a heap of Pom Poms you can sew them on to any items to make fun patterns and completely change the look of a piece of clothing. 

Making accessories 

If you buy 2 of a clothing items, you can use 1 as the main item and the other to create accessories for the outfit. For example, a neckerchief, scrunchie or a belt. It’s a fun way of using the same pattern in an outfit. Or for the guys a top, underneath a jacket with the accessory being the same top pattern made into a hanky in the jacket pocket. 

These are just a few ideas on how you can personalise your children’s clothes. Do you have any fun ideas or examples? I would love to know in the comments below, or on social media: @mummyconstant. 

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Last Update: Wednesday, 23rd October 2019