YIPPEE our little Snoopy is home and on the mend, it has been a horrible week but I am so glad to say he is home and he came home earlier than the vets expected, bonus. I went to visit him last night and the vet told me I could take him home and it was a nice surprise for Daddy. 


It all started at the weekend when he was given steroids and antibiotics for his ear infection, yes another one, poor puppy and he was drinking copious amounts of water. He was drinking over a bowl a day, which is very unlike Snoops. Come Monday he was very sorry for himself and spent most of the day sleeping under the dining table, hiding away. Tuesday was similar but he was still eating and drinking, we put it down to a tummy ache or something. He was sick Tuesday evening and had diarrhoea, but we didn’t worry too much as sometimes dogs do get sick. It was Wednesday that was different, Wednesday evening he turned down his dinner; then some ham, then some cheese and even some cake. Something was up! From there on end he went down hill, quite quickly, not even wanting to move. Just sleep. It was so unlike our puppy. 

After various phone conversations with the vets and auntie Rachael who is a vet nurse, we concluded to leave him for the night and see if he got better by the morning on his own. Wednesday morning he was no better, he was lethargic and subdued, didn’t want to move at all. He had been sick twice more in the night, despite me giving him little water over the evening like advised. He still didn’t want to eat and his tummy felt really bloated and hard. It just wasn’t him. 

We took him to the vets and he was given blood tests and an ultra sound. Our pup had abnormal liver and pancreas cells in his blood test results. What did that mean? Pancreatitis. He spent 48 hours on a drip at the vets, constant supervision, so many tablets and injections and Friday morning he finally ate some breakfast and kept it down. 


So our little Snoops is home, he’s on a lot of medication for the week but hopefully by the end of it he will have a bit more energy and feel like himself again. I am just so glad he is home and we can love him and cuddle him lots. I am so glad we took him to the vets and didn’t just think – oh he will get better. Because he wouldn’t have. He would have got more dehydrated and worse, we probably would have lost him. Thank goodness for vets! 


 Isn’t it amazing how these little furballs become such a part of the family? In our house there’s 7 of us, three pets and four humans. I can’t imagine what life would be like without it this way. I know one day it will but not yet. Not now. It’s too early. We’re going to live each day saying i love yous and giving big hugs. 

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Last Update: Saturday, 16th May 2015