When was the last time you received a gift that felt truly meaningful to you? And when did you last give a gift to somebody else that meant a lot to them?

Quite often, we give and receive gifts that don’t always have a special meaning attached, and that can be because of a number of reasons. Thinking about ourselves, we might spend ages trying to find the perfect gift for loved ones, and then give up when we become overwhelmed with the choices in front of us. Instead, we go for something slightly generic, as this is safer than making the wrong decision. We might also forget about gift-buying until the last minute, and consequently, end up buying something for a friend or a family member in a rush.

They, like you, will probably appear thankful, no matter what the gift. But wouldn’t it be nice to give and receive something a little more special and a little more meaningful? Sure, it would. So, with Christmas on the way, as well as for any birthdays that might be approaching, here are some simple ideas for meaningful gift-giving.

Appeal to a person’s nostalgic side

It might be a collectible figure that they used to own in their childhood. Or it could be a framed photograph of a special moment from their past. Whatever it is, the gift will mean something to the person. On one level, it will be meaningful because it holds a special resonance to their lives. The gift will be valuable in and of itself, and it will also encourage happy thoughts because of what the gift represents. On another level, the gift will be meaningful because you have put some thought into it. By knowing something about their past, the person will know that you have taken the time to find out more about them.ย 

So, think about the people in your life. Consider the memories that they have discussed with you. And then go online and shop for frames for A4 prints of any photos you can find, and explore the various retro stores that might contain gift ideas for the people in your life.ย 

Donate to a charity in the person’s name

Especially for the person who has everything, why bother giving them something that might only clutter their home up further? Instead, consider making a charitable donation. This is meaningful in two ways.

Firstly, it will show you have put thought into what the person cares about. And secondly, it will be meaningful not only to your loved one but to the people that the gift goes towards helping. Of course, donating to a charity might also bring a special sense of meaning to your life too.

So, thinking about the people in your life, consider the causes that they are passionate about, and then check out the charity database if you need help in choosing who to donate to.

Give an experience

Again, experiential gifts are meaningful because it means you have put thought into what the recipient likes. They are also meaningful because memories will later be attached to them, so in many ways, this is the type of gift that keeps on giving.ย 

So, think of the people in your life, consider the types of experience that they might enjoy, and then check sites such as Buyagift for the gifts that should prove meaningful to them.

We hope these ideas were useful, but let us know in the comments below.

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