Noah seems to be growing more & more attached to little Isla everyday, he really shows interest in her now and names all of her things “Lisla's”. So he picks her bottle up and tells me it's Isla's, then puts it down on the table or gives it to Isla. You can see he loves her now and that he doesn’t remember what life was like without her.


Although, when my mum or Daddy’s mum come over, they aren’t allowed to speak or hold Isla. He will literally stand in front of Isla, to block her if Nanny or Nanna pays attention to Isla. He does get used to it after a while though and he soon backs off. My favourite is when someone is talking to Isla in baby language and Noah clocks it, he walks up to that person and shouts their name until he gets their attention. It’s usually Nanny or Nanna, as I don’t think he quite understands that they’re here for both him and Isla.

You can tell that Isla is more aware of her surroundings, and probably thinking get me out of here, but she watches Noah all the time. When she’s on her mat or in her spaceship especially, as soon as Noah comes near her she has both eyes on him. She follows him around the room and you can tell she’s longing to chase after him. I don’t think it will be too much longer and she will be crawling around after him and all his toys.

Noah feeding Isla video

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Last Update: Saturday, 6th October 2012