I have been given a limited edition T-shirt by This is Rude to give away as part of Samsung’s ‘Warm up and win’ competition.

If you haven’t heard about this competition then have a look at the website, its a lot of fun and all you need to do is film yourself doing a creative “challenge” out of the 4 options available: Relay Run, Long Leap, Triple Jump or Star Jumps.

Now out of all the options I am going to do the Star Jump and I will upload my video as soon as I can get it filmed – hopefully this weekend, so stay tuned.

So, to win your very own T-shirt with me, all you need to do is enter the competition via the Samsung website and just let me know that you have entered… BUT if you enter then you will also be in with a chance to win some fabulous prizes from Samsung.

Looking forward to everyone’s entries… It closes on the 12th August 2012.

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Last Update: Friday, 3rd August 2012