Christmas and crafting are synonymous with one another. You could say that the two go together like a needle and thread. But when it comes to crafting around the holidays, where has all of the romance gone? Here is how you can use your creative gene and crafting skills to add a little bit of romance to your home around the holidays, adding spice to more than just your chai latte this holiday season.

Dinner by Christmas Candlelight

If you have more candles than you can count in shades of red and green and gold and silver, round them up for a eye-catching centerpiece for your dining room table. Sort through your candles and find a few of varying shapes and sizes. Do you have a bunch of votives, too? Great! Use them for your candle display, grouping three to five, especially if smaller, together and placing them along a long table, or using one bunch for a smaller table. No votives? Not to worry. Head to your craft supply box and maneuver out some Christmas themed ribbon you’ve got packed away. Tie up a batch of candles, around three, keeping in mind candles at various heights and shapes for visual interest. Fluff up your bow and viola, you have a festive candle table display, which can add and ignite even more romance to candlelit dinners at home.

Trim the Tree Together

Whether you’re celebrating your first Christmas together or your 10th, the holidays are a special time for couples. Make this year even more memorable by decorating the tree together. Those with a knack for crafts might just find the perfect “couples” ornament on Etsy. Modern or rustic, you can find an ornament that is special to you. Or, take inspiration from the vast selection of ornaments on Etsy and try your hand at your own, like a rugged but festive natural wood ornament. Creative Ramblings has an informative step-by-step DIY that can help you get started. You may even want to consider spending a date-night in cozied up next to the fire for an evening of romantic ornament making and tree trimming with your special someone.

Get Creative with Christmas Lights

There’s plenty of ways to decorate your house with Christmas lights. You can string them up in your room and wrap them around your fence, but why not take a more creative approach this year when sprucing up your home with twinkling lights? An easy way to implement traditional string lights in a new way is by creating shapes or messages. To do this, you can use a template or existing shape, like a mirror or other wall-hanging, for example, a heart-shaped wood carving, and string your lights around the piece. Make sure you’ve chosen a location that is nearby an electrical outlet so your light display looks its best. Have some extra fabric in your craft box? Tulle fabric can be paired with string lights to create a festive holiday look. Simply tie squares of tulle fabric along a strand of white lights and layer your string of lights along the floor, and up and around a side table, keeping in mind that you want the eye to follow where the string of lights might end.

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Last Update: Thursday, 21st September 2017