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I hate bugs, any kind of bugs, those pesky bugs that muck up your computers, six legged bugs (they do have 6 legs right?) and the yucky ones that littlens pick up and spread around the family… I hate those ones the most!

Noah is a really good little sleeper (thank goodness) but it all started on Tuesday evening when the little man woke up sobbing his heart out around 11pm and wouldn’t go back to sleep. It was obvious something was up, I even ended up getting in his little bed with him – but after half hour (when he’d calmed down) he pushed me out of his bed! Charming! He managed to sleep then until he got thirsty and asked for tea… I think he is now confusing tea for every single drink, I don’t always give him tea, can I just add. He woke up Weds morning at 10am, covered in sick which was just gross, but he never sleeps longer than 7:30/8am in any morning, even if he’s gone to bed at 1am – he will wake up early the next day. So I knew he was poorly, but even on getting up at 10am he was so dopey, sleepy looking and just wanted cuddles and me near him all day long. I couldn’t leave the room without him being upset for me to come back. But mainly, he sat on the sofa all day – very uncharacteristic of the wee one.

We have had a floppy week of water, water and more water, Noah completely went off his appetite and by Wednesday evening he was projectile vomiting across the room, it was only when Isla joined in within 30 mins that I really panicked and realised it was a bug. I was worried that the little lady would stop drinking her milk and then she would potentially get really ill – as there is nothing I can give her and their feeds are really important at such a young age, and when you’re a teeny tiny dot I can imagine its even more essential!

A quick trip to the doctors on Thursday, which was more hassle than it was worth. We were told that both bubbas had a virus, which was the same thing they told me a couple of months before and the last time I went to the doctors – so I think I will know the answer to my question before I go there again. But after a bottle of Calpol – yes a bottle, lots of “ergh ergh” to tell me to turn the next film on and many cuddles and tears, Noah is on the mend and so is little Isla. Daddy lasted 24 hours with the bug and mummy had a day of sleep on Saturday (thank you Nanny & Grandad) to get over it, thankfully I avoided the sickness. But I cant say the same for Nanny & Grandad, eek! I’m so sorry…


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  • Gemma Mills / Chamberlain
    October 21, 2012

    Awww sorry to hear you’re ill. Get well soon guys!

  • Enma
    October 21, 2012

    You poor things 🙁 You must be shattered! Here’s to a brand new, bug free week for you all 🙂 x

  • jodie steed
    October 25, 2012

    awwww sorry to hear you have all been unwell, sickness bugs in our house usually mean hospital stays and we dread them!!!! hope your all on the mend soon beautiful babies!

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Poorly Constants

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