There is no better time to go camping than during the summertime. The sun will ensure you can enjoy plenty of outdoor activities as a family, while the nights will be more comfortable for your child to enjoy a good night’s rest. Read our tips on how to plan an unforgettable camping trip with children.

Find a Child-Friendly Campsite

While most campsites often welcome children, it is worth double checking before you make a reservation. Some campsites are only available for adults, so ensure you carefully read the fine print before you make a booking.

Also, ensure the campsite has child-friendly facilities onsite, such as a place to safely dispose of your child’s nappies. If your little one wears washable nappies, telephone the campsite to find out if they have laundry facilities; however, it might be a wise decision to switch to a disposable option throughout the trip.

Plan Your Meals

The last thing you will want is to run out of food for you and the children in the middle of a camping trip. Prepare your meals in advance by placing pre-sliced meats and vegetables in containers or sandwich bags, which you should label for each day. Such preparation will ensure your children are happy and well-fed throughout the trip. Cooking outdoors can be a great way to bond with your children, as they can help you create a delicious dish around the campfire.

Identify Any Mobility Issues

Do you know how you will move from A to B around a campsite? For instance, can your little boy or girl manage a hiking trail distance? Do you need to take a pushchair or buggy with you? Will you be able to carry your son or daughter if they become tired on a nature trail? Try to identify any potential problems so you can either take a different trail or find a solution.

Take Plenty of Layers

The sun might be shining at the start of the day, but you could be experiencing thunderstorms come nightfall. Make sure your children are protected from the elements by taking extra layers for different weather conditions. The weather may take a sudden turn, so ensure you have packed a waterproof jacket, a long sleeved t-shirt and a lightweight jacket for each and every family member. Don’t forget to bring extra blankets and socks, too!

Entertain Your Children

There will be no internet or electronics to entertain your child during a camping trip. To avoid boredom, keep your children entertained by taking a variety of books, toys and coloring books with you so they can enjoy hours of fun. You can even play games as a family, such as catch, football or a board game.

Keep Your Children Safe

It goes without saying you will want to keep your children safe at all times. Even a child-friendly campsite can be unsafe for your kids. For instance, it only takes one loose object for them to trip and fall. For this reason, pack a first aid kit with you to treat any cuts, burns or scratches they may experience.

You should also walk through the site to inform your children about which areas are strictly out of bounds. To prevent children from walking into the wrong tent, mark your tent with flags, colored lighting or bunting so that they can spot it in a crowd. It’s also a smart decision to agree on a meet-up point if your son or daughter is lost and cannot find their way back to your tent.

Invest in an identity band for peace of mind on a camping trip. This cute little accessory can be worn around your child’s ankle or wrist, with many offering a Velcro fastening, so your details will remain private until they are needed. You can also update the identity band for different holidays.

Take Turns with Parenting Duties

A camping trip isn’t only for kids; it’s for Mom and Dad, too. Every parent deserves a little chill time during a holiday, which is why you should both take turns for night calls, cooking meals and finding lost toys. You should also plan who will keep an ear and eye on the children each evening to ensure they are happy and comfortable.

A Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt can provide a child with hours of fun as they attempt to find items on a checklist. Supervise your son or daughter as they make their way across the campsite to find pine cones, acorns, pennies and bird feathers. Don’t forget to provide them with a bag so they can collect the items before ticking them off the list.

A Comfortable Family Tent

Ensure the family can sleep in the same space by investing in a comfortable family tent, this will allow you and your partner to stay by your children’s side at all times and allow you to check that they are okay in the middle of the night. You could even opt for a family tent with a screen room so your son or daughter can take a mid-day nap if they need it.

Cot Bunk Beds

Did you know you can also buy cot bunk beds for a camping trip? This handy item allows you to maximize space in a tent, so there’s a space for mom, dad and multiple children in a family tent. It’s also ideal for little ones who don’t like the idea of sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag.

Antibacterial Handwipes

Children will love nothing more than exploring nature during a camping trip, which means they’re bound to get a little mucky on their travels. Keep your kids’ hands clean by carrying antibacterial hand wipes or sanitizer with you. It’s a great way to maintain your children’s health when you don’t have access to running water when camping.

Sun Protection

Nothing can ruin a holiday quite like a sunburn. Protect your child’s skin from harmful UV rays by applying sun lotion. We recommend applying an SPF of 50 to ensure they can enjoy the sun without burning their skin.

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Last Update: Sunday, 31st March 2019