While San Francisco only covers 7 miles in all, it is filled to the brim with numerous interesting activities to keep anyone interested. Given the long list of popular places to visit, it’s helpful to narrow down the options to help fit as much into a limited stay in the city.

Here are the five best things to do in San Francisco.

Golden Gate Bridge

The iconic Golden Gate Bridge with its tell-tale orange arches is a standout attraction in the city. Some visitors like to travel or walk across the bridge, but most people prefer to see it from various vantage points and take well-placed selfies too. The bridge connects Marin Country with San Francisco to make it easier to travel between them. Incidentally, the name of the bridge refers to the Golden Gate Strait which runs below it.

The majestic spectacle of the Golden Gate seen from afar is perhaps best seen from the Golden Gate Bridge Vista Point. It’s an elevated spot on a hill that affords a great, wide shot of the bridge in the distance. The Golden Gate National Recreation Area features San Mateo, Muir Woods, and other recreational areas are worth a look too.

Riding the Cable Cars

Unlike what you may have seen in the movies, locals don’t bother with the cable cars because they don’t cover many areas and aren’t that affordable for regular use. However, for tourists, the old-school transportation is chic and not often seen in the United States. Cable cars came into being in the early 1800s, but came to San Francisco much later.

Using the cable cars is a great way to see more of the city. Look out for the cars and hop aboard to be whisked down the busy streets. No visit to the city is complete without at least one ride just for the hell of it.

Mission District

The Mission District is one neighborhood not to be missed. It has a bohemian feel to it but still sticks to its Mexican roots. The burrito became famous here and spread across the country. From the Mission District, the delightful Dolores Park is a short walk away and the Bernal Heights hills offer great views over that part of the city. When visiting the neighborhood at night, it’s smart to be cautious as there are reports of street crime from time to time.


The prison that held prisoners for years across the waters from San Francisco is now a popular tourist attraction. Self-guided tours with curated tour information shared over a pair of supplied headphones help to paint the picture for visitors about how harsh the conditions were. Walking around the ground and seeing San Francisco in the distance is worth the visit alone.

Music Venues in San Fran

Picking up some good seats at a local music concert sometimes takes a little forward planning. A site like www.ticketsales.com makes it easy to find resale tickets for all kinds of events, select the seats from the seating chart, and purchase them. The venues are easy to search for and the website covers concerts, sporting events, and more.

It’s impossible to fit everything into a single visit to San Francisco. Choose the places and activities that suit your interests and do as many of those as time and money allows.

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