This might seem a little random after the sentiments in my last post. But bear with me... cleaning & #diy can help me with my mental health.

I’m not sure why but when I’m anxious, need to think or cross I clean. Like the deep clean stuff, it’s almost as if I get adrenaline from somewhere to give me the strength to scrub things that I wouldn’t normally. Or tackle something I wouldn’t normally.

On Thursday, whilst anxiously waiting to find out what was wrong with my grandma, I was shaving millimetres off Isla’s bedroom door. It was hard work but I didn’t want to just sit about.

Today I’ve painted the radiator and woodwork in our dining room with Frenchic. I now have a white and bright radiator and grey door. It looks so much better. Again, it’s something I can do whilst being lost in my thoughts.

Does anyone else do this?

Whilst promoting cleaning and mindfulness, check out my blog for a competition to win some goodies from @astonishcleaners #astonishingresults 

This might seem a little...

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you what beauty shared this on her instagram before Christmas:  @carolineflack you’ve broken my heart.

She was funny. Caring. Kind. Absolutely beautiful and that smile lit up the world. Not perfect. But who is? No one.

I can’t comprehend how someone of such radiance and sparkle can end their life. But I only assume her mental health was suffering. She felt so trapped that was her only way out. A way of ending the pain that nobody could see.

Mental health is invisible; yet mental health is all consuming. Mental health is complicated; yet mental health can be helped with a simple cup of tea and chat.

Smile on the inside and on the out.

Make time for yourself.

Love yourself.

Make time for others.

Be kind.

In a world where you can be anything, be kind  #bekind #ripcarolineflack

I’m sure I don’t need...

This is sheer appreciation. This man. My lobster 🦞. Who made me the scrummiest meal last night & dreamy Vegan brownies. Showered me with thoughtful gifts & my cute note (in my stories) I recieved in my lunch bag.

However, I was a complete emotional wreck yesterday as my Grandma was taken into hospital. She was distressed, confused and sounding a little slow. It was scary.

So the Valentine’s Day love went all to Grandma from my family; wishing & hoping they find out what’s wrong.

We’re currently waiting to find out if her BP has reduced. It was sky high. Hoping she’s better & I can bring her home today.

This photo was from last Summer when we went to @carluccios in Cambridge. I love it. Happy memories. I’m lucky to have these. Noahs a people watcher, he was distracted with the crowd. Incidentally Carluccio’s have the offer on again: kids eat for a £1... #appreciation #family #love #mummyphotoaday

This is sheer appreciation. This...

Happy Valentine’s Day 🤍

A lot to be thankful for today. Love is a big word. I love these two quotes and perfect for today.

Yes it’s about celebrating your life with your lobster 🦞(mine is rather amazing) but it’s also about family.

Family is not just an important thing. It’s everything. So true.

I don’t know where I’d be without my lobster and my family... I hung these beauts in our bathroom and I love them. They make me smile everytime I clean my teeth! Which helps 😂


#ad Prints are from @coulsonmacleod - so beautiful

Happy Valentine’s Day 🤍 A...

I love this new story corner I’ve created for Isla, with a little help from @vertbaudetuk. It is a gorgeous space and I couldn’t wait for her to get home and see it. She was so happy!

I love the large floor cushion, I want an entire room kitted out with them so I can just chill in the middle. It would be so cosy. Or even just #half a room! 🤍

Isla loves reading and so I thought this little corner would be perfect for her. She loves it.

I started with the floor cushion, I hung the coat rack for her monkeys and dressing gown and then I hung the shelves. They are so cute. I finished it all off with the mirror. I love all the colours and shapes. It really finishes off her room.

Who else wants the futon cushion? 🙋🏼‍♀️ #mummyphotoaday #ad

I love this new story...

I love trying new makeup, especially the vegan variety! I’ve recently discovered the fab range from @ex1cosmetics - you can grab them at your local @superdrug. So easy to find when you run out.

I’ve done a bit of a makeup tutorial on the blog using the EX1 Cosmetic products. Please forgive me, my skin is awful at the moment. Since I’ve been exercising more my skin has been really spotty. The spots that hide under the skin too!

If you swipe left then you’ll see the fab products I used. Then check out my stories for the swipe up link to my blog post.

I’m no make up artist haha. I prefer natural tones, that give my face #warmth. These products are perfect for that, especially the pink blusher! I wanted to show you what the products do and how they can be used together. Perfect makeup for your Valentine’s Day date!

#mummyphotoaday #ad

I love trying new makeup,...

A place to relax. A place to hide. A place to #doodle. A place to confide.

This place is my haven. It’s my safe space to relax and unwind. It’s absurd that at 37 years old, I just can’t wait to get into bed. When hubby goes climbing on a Monday evening; I’m in bed at 8pm! Is that sad?

Because it makes me happy, the bed is super comfortable and it is the only room in the house that the kids do not destroy, it’s nice to cling on to it. Keep it that haven.

If I need 5 mins to compose myself, I’ll hide in here. The kids drive me up the wall sometimes and hiding in here can calm me down. A technique I’ve developed over the years so the kids do not see Mumma lose it!

Anyone else love their bed? Or bedroom as a whole? I’m sure I’m not the only one haha #mummyphotoaday

A place to relax. A...

When you have a #favourite day with some great memories. Happy memories. It’s so nice to reflect back on it and reminisce.

This Winter Sun family day out at Norfolk still makes me feel happy when I think about it. These gorgeous smiles say it all.

However, you wouldn’t of thought this earlier before school. They had the most angry faces, shouting and being quite mean to each other. I’m hoping it’s just tiredness from the weekend. They’ve definitely come home happier than when they left!

It’s nice to look at photos that make you happy. Especially when you’re not feeling that happy, in that moment.


When you have a #favourite...

Our romantic break to Suffolk #travel

We do not really get to go away together, just the two of us. We have so many responsibilities that it’s quite impossible to get away most of the time; dogs, cat, kids, football, work! The list goes on. But sometimes the worlds align and we escape to the country. Literally. We spent a beautiful weekend in Suffolk, courtesy of Suffolk Cottage Holidays, to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary.

Flint Cottage

The cottage we stayed in, Flint Cottage, is a beautifully renovated cottage. It was just to our taste and so cosy. It was so pretty that I took hundreds of photos and now I have to choose which ones I want to feature! Flint Cottage is in a row of old cottages believed to have been built to house the workers from the wool trade many, many centuries ago.

You can check out my IGTV tour of the cottage, it shows you a little of Debenham and our fun day at Thorpeness too. We love Suffolk.


Debenham is a beautiful village, it’s the perfect size for us. It had a Co-Op that sold everything, pubs, bistro’s and lots of wonderful properties to gawp at. Some of them looked magnificent. We walked around the village a couple of times, taking in all of the views and getting our bearings. It is definitely a village we would visit again. It was only a short drive to the coast too, which is fab as we love the coast – so that is what we did.

Suffolk coast

We drove to Thorpeness, parked up and walked the coastal path to Auldburgh. It was a great walking distance and we could have easily done this with the kiddies – one to remember for next time. It was nice to have the sea breeze behind us and the smell of the salty Chips floating around our noses.

When we got back to Thorpeness, we had a cream tea and then hired a rowing boat for an hour. It is fair to say I am useless at rowing, but Hubby was great- he looked like a pro. I guess that’s because he has been rowing at the gym for years, so he’s used to it. The properties around the lake were amazing, completely dreamy houses and gardens. If you like to people watch then it was a perfect spot, I watched families in their garden and people mowing the lawns.

We had such a relaxing break and it was nice to have time together. We actually managed to finish a sentence without being interrupted. We went out for a meal on the Saturday evening, we drove 10 minutes out of Debenham to a local pub and had a lovely meal. The pubs in Debenham didn’t serve food, unfortunately, the Angel has recently been taken over so hopefully it will open again soon and serve delicious food once again.

What is your favourite place in Suffolk? Where do you escape to for a romantic break? Do you get to have a romantic break? It’s amazing how quality time together can make a big difference when you have a family to provide for. I seriously cannot remember what we did with our weekends before the kids!


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  • Fiona Martin
    October 3, 2019

    We love 5 Second Rule, always lots of fun when we play it as a family!

  • olivia Kirby
    December 14, 2019

    Aldeburgh is a lovely little place. We went to Suffolk for a week a while back an visited a few places. There was a really nice NT place where you go on a walk in the woods but the end of the walk leads you to the beach, it’s really lovely! Southwold is very nice too obviously!

    • MummyConstant
      December 14, 2019

      It’s such a lovely area. I’ll try the NT places next time x

22 September 2019 #SilentSunday
Our romantic break to Suffolk #travel

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