Now, more and more mothers are switching to baby formula feeding, some because of health issues, and some for their own comfort. (It is very important to understand that no one has the right to judge a mother by any decision.) Today there are many brands and types of baby milk available in pharmacies and shops. Baby formula comes in 2 different forms: dry powder or prepared food liquid formula. Both give babies the nutrients they need to grow and develop. This post looks at whether organic infant formula is the healthiest.

Formulas are distributed according to degree of adaptation, age, consistency, PH level and basis. Depending on the composition of the ingredients, Organic and Inorganic formulas are distinguished.


EU Organic baby formulas are formulas that are EU Organic certified. These include at least 95% natural and healthy products.

Natural baby formula comes from dairy products produced without the use of insecticides, antibiotics or growth hormones.

Organic formulas are often packed with long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids and oligosaccharides. These foods help create a healthy intestinal balance in your baby that facilitates digestion for them and strengthens their overall immune system.


Inorganic formulas are formulas that are not EU-certified. These may include sugar, additives, chemicals and other low-quality products.

Non-natural formulas are linked with synthetic foods to mimic breast milk. These synthesizers are banned by the European Union in baby formulas. Some banned synthesizers include: L-Carnitine, Lycopene, Taurine, L-methionine and nucleotides.

Large manufacturers process food in the cheapest way. Babies who eat these poisonous formulas can suffer from chronic disease as they grow older.


  • Children’s organic formulas do not contain hormones, chemicals or insecticides
  • Inorganic formulas are stored longer
  • Organic formulas are safer
  • Inorganic formulas are cheaper
  • Natural food is often fresher because it does not contain preservatives


Some doctors think that organic products are much healthier because they do not contain harmful substances and insecticides. Organic food is also GMO-free.

Organic livestock raised for dairy products must be raised in living conditions accommodating their natural behaviors and eaten organic food and fodder. These animals also do not receive antibiotics or growth hormones.

But still it is worth remembering that inorganic foods are not lethal. Yes, they can affect the baby’s health, but only if you give them to the baby regularly!


Organic production has been regulated at EU level since 1991, with requirements defined by the Council Regulation. In March 2002 the European Commission issued a label “Organic” for the EU for organic food. This Organic label has been mandatory throughout the EU since July 2010. All products labeled as organic and sold in the EU must be produced in accordance with these regulations and use this EU label. A great way of checking you are getting organic infant formula.

EU Organic certification requires:

• No GMOs
• No hormones or steroids
• Small antibiotics are used only for animal health
• 95% organic ingredients
• Animals eat a 100% organic diet without synthetic substances
• Strict quality controls
• Without Preservatives or Synthesizers

Most European farms must be biodynamic, cannot use animals that have measurable levels of insecticides, and prohibit the use of GMOs, synthetic formulas and more.
Therefore an EU Organic certificate guarantees 100% organic quality of the products


Today there are many balanced formulas. It is very important for the baby that the first milk is chosen correctly and fulfills all the needs of the body.

But in the U.S. it’s not easy to find 100 percent organic infant formulas, but there is a way out.

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In this shop you can find organic formulas like HiPP, Holle and others.

• HiРР formula is the right baby milk formula to give your baby the best start in life. Hipp has been making baby milk formulas for over 50 years, and they know that every baby is unique.

• Holle can be used as the baby’s whole food for the first 6 months, or it can be in addition to breast milk and cereals. The nutritional balance was created to provide the baby’s body and brain with everything needed to grow properly. Ingredients used for Holle meet strict standards.

If you want to start looking ahead, beyond the organic infant formula stages then check out my introduction to different foods for babies. Organic vegetables are a great way of giving your baby the best start in life.

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Last Update: Monday, 5th July 2021