Organic Tots recently sent me some amazing products for Noah to review; I have never purchased organic clothes before and I didn’t have a clue how to look after them but all part of the fabulous Organic Tots service I soon found out.

We were sent the Bamboo Baby Amazing Bundle Offer which you can purchase from the website:—drizzle-482-p.asp

Noah firstly tested the Pyjamas, they are so soft and cosy looking that I wanted to put them on myself; but they wouldn’t fit, so I didn’t try! He looked adorable in them and he really liked them, he certainly didn’t attempt to take them off, which has become something that Noah likes to do recently.

The cardigan and jumper are absolutely stunning items of clothing and Noah looked adorable in them. Daddy got some great photos of Noah doing a fashion shoot for Organic Tots; he is a little poser so we took the advantage to get some great photos.

The clothes did not stretch out of shape, they are very hard wearing and extremely easy to look after. All the things that I would worry about, before trying organic clothes. I thought, because they are made from Bamboo and are organic that they will tear easily, stretch and look funny after a few hours wear and that they would not wash properly. But this has all been blown out of the window as the products are fabulous. I was able to wash them in the machine on a low heat wash, and hang them to dry like all of Noah’s other clothes; they did not go in the tumble dryer. After washing and drying I hung the clothes up and the knitted goods did not fall out of shape, which is great as some of Noah’s other clothes would do this!


Overall I am extremely happy with the clothes, I would definitely buy organic clothes again and I will be returning back to Organic Tots. I was advised when purchasing the items how to wash them and look after them and I was extremely grateful for this. Its the little things like that, that make you pleased with your shopping experience, good customer service comes for free and it makes such a difference.


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Last Update: Wednesday, 9th January 2019