Mummy Constants hidden talents


I thought it would be fun to write a post on my hidden “talent”… It’s not necessarily a talent just something that I love doing. I love writing music, playing my guitar and piano, although I had to sell my piano about 8 months ago. I’ll be buying a new one as soon as i can…

Want you in My Life 9 doors down River Moral Never Tell You So Beautiful No Way Sat Here Waiting

Bearing in mind I produced all this stuff on my own laptop, with out the use of a recording studio (when I had the time to produce music) its not too bad. My guitar skills are something to be desired though. I have a fair few songs that I managed to get on my laptop and I just love to sit there with my guitar and write music.

All self taught too, I’ve loved the piano since middle school and I taught myself the guitar as I never had my own piano, they’re not exactly the easiest instrument to home!

I used to sing to Noah when he was a bump and have recently taken it up again to sing to this bump… If anything it might help get it out, I’ll be hurting its ears haha.

Do you have any hidden talents that we are unaware of that you want to share… If so post a comment and link to the talent or post on your blog… I’d love to see what other mummies and daddies get up too.


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