Summer camp can be an important part of your child’s personal development. While the facilities and activities at the camp are important, that’s not all it’s about. It’s about teaching your child to be self-reliant. It’s also giving them the opportunity to make some of their best friends in life. Many parents will send a child to day camp first before opting for the overnight camping experience. Here are some tips for organizing and planning each day for your child.

Be Watchful With The Weather

You need to know how your child should dress for the day ahead. If he or she is staying at camp overnight, you also need to know which clothes to pack. If you want to have an up-to-the-minute weather forecast that will warn you of coming storms, let you know the temperature, wind speed, humidity and pollen count, you need a weather app for Android phones. It also features sunrise and sunset times and a weather radar and rain map.

Do Your Due Diligence

Find out as much information as you can about the camp by reading the website and watching any videos they have available. Find out if they have an open house so you can go and meet the staff and check out their facilities. Explain to your child what it’s going to be like so that she knows what to expect.

Dress Appropriately

Make sure your child is dressed suitably for whatever activities she will be pursuing at the camp. For example, black jeans and a dark t-shirt are not suitable for outdoor activities in hot weather. If your child wants to pick out her own clothes, give her some appropriate options. Make sure she is dressed comfortably and safely.

Apply Sunscreen

Put sunscreen on your child before she leaves for camp and put a spare tube in her bag so that it can be reapplied later. Make sure your sunscreen has a suitably high SPF to avoid sunburn. She may want to take a hat along for extra protection. Consider a sunscreen that also contains insect repellent.

Report to Healthcare

Whatever type of camp your child is going to, they will give you a form to list your child’s medications. You must also make them aware of any allergies your child suffers from and any recent emotional events that your child has experienced, such as divorce or the death of a family member. The more information you can give them, the better equipped to make sure your child is safe and well at all times. Don’t forget to give the camp at least two emergency numbers in case something happens and they are unable to get hold of you.


Get your child acclimatized to summer camp one day at a time with the help of these apps and tips and help them to have a summer that’s packed with adventure and new friendships.

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Last Update: Monday, 5th June 2017