Do you enjoy family walks? Are you going on a weekend break where you might be outdoors? It could even be on the walk to school or a trip to the shops! You will almost certainly need a go to jacket for the children. This British weather can never be a guarantee and we always carry weatherproof jackets in the car. Berghaus recently launched a new range of jackets for children aged 3-13 and they sent Noah & Isla matching jackets to review, you can find their range of kids clothing on the Blacks website.

A jacket for boys

It’s not very often I get to dress the children in similar looking clothes as they are different sexes – but when we received these Parka jackets I did yelp with excitement. The Berghaus Parka jacket for boys is great as it deals with the worst weather whilst looking “cool”. Noah loves this jacket and I think it gives him his baby charms back, which reminds me of when he was younger, when the hood is up. It is made from the reliable AQ2™ fabric, which deals with heavy rain and light showers equally as well. It has a synthetic wadding which keeps Noah warm, from the coldest of winters to the chill in the breeze in Spring.

The interior is quilted which offers a great padding and warmth. The hood is lovely and snuggly too with its fake fur lining. Everything down to the last detail has been thought of, including the knitted cuffs around the sleeves to keep the cold out. This jacket comes in handy for when we are out and about, Noah has worn it around BeWilderwood and on the beach – it is a perfect jacket for when the sun is not out and the chill is in the air. The boys jacket has a cool label on the arm “Antartica expedition”, it almost looks like a scout badge. This is different to the girls jacket, there isn’t one for the girls version. 

This jacket will last until they grow out of it, so at £80.00 it is not a bad price at all. It is the go to jacket for when the Summer months are not upon us. The price is the same for the girls version too. 

A jacket for girls

The Berghaus Parka jacket for girls is very similar to Noah’s jacket in the style and colour, but there are very intricate details that make them slightly different. 

The hood is lined with fake fur, so it is similar to the boys version and the entire inner hood feels like a soft teddy bear. It is so comforting and also when it is really cold it keeps you warm. The girls jacket has a pink peg hook on the inside, so I can tell quite easily which one is for Isla. 

Something for Mummy

I was very lucky to get a matching jacket for Mummy too, the women’s jackets are just gorgeous and there is so much choice on the Blacks website. The Peter Storm jacket is a nice olive green and I love the fact it is all faux fur! I still cannot believe the jacket is water resistant as the fabric feels like a porous material. It is extremely comfortable and so warm, I could wear it all of the time. This jacket is £90.00, it feels high quality and I can imagine it is a jacket that will last me for a long time. 

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