I am sure I am not the only one, who has spent the past 18 months (and more) dreaming about flying abroad. We are not quite ready to do that, but when we do feel ready, I have a long list of family travel locations that I want to visit. The Mini Constants are so excited to get back on a plane.

Reschedule our trip to Dubai

You might remember we had a trip planned to Dubai and we were meant to fly 2 weeks after England went into its first lockdown in 2020. So, we didn’t make it to Dubai! It is still very much on my list of amazing places to visit with the family. We currently have friends over there and it looks incredible. They share such beautiful photos, and the places look magnificent. I have already started looking at flights for 2022 and a Delhi to Dubai flight ticket looks like a really viable option for us to travel. I get to see Delhi too!

A walk-through Marrakech

I adore Morocco, photos, and videos I have seen of it just look amazing. Marrakech in particular looks so beautiful. The buildings look fascinating and full of details, the beautiful colours and the food – looks great for us vegetarians too! I love the idea of a camel ride in the desert, swimming in a nice warm pool and looking around the Marrakech markets.

An all inclusive in the sun

The last all-inclusive holiday we had was back in 2019, when we took a trip to Crete. I love an all-inclusive because the kids are entertained with both activities and food, all day long! I loved Greece. I want to explore all the Greek Islands and explore more of Crete as it is quite a large island. The south of the island in particular. So, I have started to investigate some beautiful hotels in Crete so that we can plan our next Greek Island trip!

A trip to the Fjords

Did you know there are over a 1000 Fjords in Norway. The most iconic ones are Nærøyfjord, the Sognefjord, the Lysefjord, and the Geirangerfjord. They look incredible. The Fjords are beautiful blue saltwater lakes with majestic cliffs covered with forestry. It looks incredible and I think kayaking in one of those lakes, walking around them and staying in a wooden lodge somewhere sounds like the perfect family trip.

Christmas in New York

I would absolutely love to go to New York; taking the children to New York at Christmas time would be magical. After many years of watching Home Alone at Christmas time, it would bring our love for that movie to life. Seeing the big decorations, the ice rink and shopping in the Toy Shop FAO Schwarz (the one with the big keyboard that you stand on, from the film BIG) – it would be a magical experience and I just can’t wait to do this one day.

Do you have any amazing family travel locations on a list for 2022 and beyond? I would love to know in the comments below; I feel like my list of 5 locations might increase quite rapidly.

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Last Update: Friday, 22nd October 2021