While pregnant you do not always think of making a wish list. However, this is the best way to avoid a questionable present from your old distant aunt. Here is my (almost) perfect pre-baby wish list. I hope you will find original ideas for your own list, or to offer a pregnancy giftto a friend or sister. 

Gifts for pregnant women

Most of the time, we choose a gift for the unborn child. However, it might be a lovely idea to spoil the future mom instead; this will surprise her in a good way. Good news, there are plenty of gifts for expecting mothers that are adorable. 

Do you know Le Petit Bola for instance ? This new brand, based in the south of France, creates harmony ball necklaces. I love this idea for two main reasons: It is full of history as it comes from Indonesia where the expectant mothers wear it to keep the dark spirits away from their child. And it is a lovely way to get closer to your unborn baby thanks to the little bell hidden inside the pendant. It makes a soft sound that your baby will recognize from your 4thmonth of pregnancy. It rocks him while and after your pregnancy. Have a look to their collections; there are so many models you will surely find yours. This definitely is an original baby shower gift, but you can also offer it for a birthday, Christmas or any other occasion. 

Another lovely idea is the pregnancy shooting. Being pregnant is something you will experience, one, two may be three times but not more. This is an extraordinary period that you will want to remember as long as possible. This is why asking a professional photographer to shoot this is something that expectant women love. Boys, this is the perfect gift for pregnant wife !

The step-by-step cards, or “My first months cards” are also becoming a must have. Instagram is full of adorable pictures of babies’ pictures with it. It exists for the pregnancy, and for the baby’s growth. You take picture of you baby bump, or of you newborn month after month with the relevant card. You will find a lot of different models, with lovely different patterns or design. 

Newborns’ must have

When baby’s here already, it may be better to offer something for him. And to be honest, there are so many adorable outfits, furniture, and stuffs that the choice is hard. 

I definitely love all natural products that will help the mother to take care of her baby: skincare, body milk… the newborn is delicate and needs suitable care. It can be a real budget for the parents; therefore offering them such products will definitely be appreciated. 

Baby will quickly become a little curious human being though. This is the reason why he will fancy all games he will find around. For the parents, it is a pleasure to look at him discovering his hands, how to play… My fav’ are the wood ones. Again, I always recommend the most natural stuff, so wood train, puzzle, or rattle are the best. You can find some in different style, from the vintage ones to the design ones. 

And the best pregnancy gift ideas

Playing is something, sleeping is another one. For anyone who already is a parent, it is obvious that this is not so simple though. Sometimes baby does not want to rest, often he is sick, or his stomach hurts, most of the time you don’t really know what the issue is. To help him falling asleep, the best fellow is the sleeping bag. It is an essential product because it guarantees safety and heating. The sleeping bag is also a trendy product with different patterns, fabrics, colours … you can match it with the bedroom decoration, you can choose one in your favourite fabric, you can sew one too. But never forget to take care of the size (there are different size according to the baby’s age)!

Well, this was my very best ideas for expectant women gifts. But, obviously, there are many other gift ideas. While thinking of it to share with you, I thought of so many things: massage, baby swimming lessons, activity mat, bath towels… Do you have any ideas you’d like to share with me? 

Photos credits : Olly_magazine and Barbara Mourani

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