You are now past the nerve-wracking trimester of your pregnancy, hence planning for some fun and recreational activities won’t be a wrong move. The first-trimester, I can understand, how nauseatic it can be and getting down to plan something sportive might turn ugly for you. But the good news is, it’s over now and you are living the golden months of a woman’s life. So, pamper yourself as much as possible and bask in around.

Now that your hormones are revved and baby bump got way cuter than ever, you can style yourself, gorge yourself on to some delicious Mexican delicacies and pose for some radiant maternity clicks. What I further say is, you should take the advantage of your current phase of life, because once you are past this, conceiving won’t seem wondrous anymore. So, do what you feel best doing –

Reserve A Table At The Best Restaurant In Town For Dinner –

Well, who does not love eating out and so do you. If not weekly, you can go out with your friends or significant other (husband) once in three weeks for a lovely dinner. This is no obligatory, neither prescribed, this is something to get yourself indulged and satisfied. Time that you choose only for yourself always remains special.

Think About Starting On A Gentle Pregnancy Exercise Regimen –

Idling around is the most common thing seen among expectant mothers, but you can lead your life a little differently and in a healthier way. Joining pregnancy yoga classes or going for early morning walk daily, either will contribute to your health. Choose any according to your present health condition and mood, but get started for sure. This is definitely no ‘fun’ activity, but how you carry it off determines what you feel out of it.

By the way, exercise always passes down a self-satisfaction. Try it!

Plan To Go On Maternity Shopping Spree –

Your fast changing anatomy requires some new clothes and fashion and you must heed to it. Remember the days when you’d lack excuses to go shopping and set against today, when you have many reasons to hop into your favorite designer stores or street side fashion outlets any moment. Well, I won’t suggest you to follow Kate Middleton’s maternity clothes brands and fashion before you go on shopping spree. Instead, choose whatever fits your taste.

Call Maternity Photographers Home And Prepare An Announcement –

Instead of exchanging words from mouth to mouth, you can think of something breakthrough. How about getting yourself videographed or photographed, showing the babybump while announcing your successful completion of trimester. That would be an edge to your fun activities. So, call only the experienced maternity photographers in Edinburgh, because experience always speaks for itself.

Head to Spa on Weekends –

Spas offer discounts and special packages, especially for pregnant women and so is this the best time for you to take the advantage of. Irrespective of what massage service you receive, facial or prenatal massage, you will feel elated and free from anxiety and  distress in time. However, there are a few things you have to take care of, such as what products they are supposed to apply on you and how, because some spa products can heal whereas some can harm. So, discuss it with your concerned specialist before indulging in this kind of activity.

Finally, Decorate The Nursery –

Of course, you cannot come up with all at once. For this, a little research and analysis of your liking and disliking would be needed. So, I would suggest you to subscribe some ‘Baby Nursery Decor Magazines’ and find out your favorite wall color, cradle decor designs and curtain designs somewhere in the magazine pages. You can also go for some nursery LED motion sensor lamps. This would simply help you ace the decoration.

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Last Update: Thursday, 19th July 2018