My cleaning hack for your steam cleaners

Do you ever feel like you spend far too much time cleaning? Well, I might just have a little tip for you to help save time and keep your house smelling clean and fresh. You may remember last year I wrote about my cleaning tip using Zoflora and steam mops. It is still the best housecleaning tip in my bag of “ideas” and I use it weekly to keep my downstairs smelling fresh and clean. Since writing that post I have changed steam mops too. I upgraded to a new Vax multi function steam cleaner. It is the best thing since sliced bread and no longer leaves me feeling like I am fighting a loosing battle with the housework, and endless amounts of it!


Not only can I clean my floors with the beautiful scents added to the water bottle, I can clean the grout in the bathroom and the shower enclosure, the windows in the house and even the furniture in the house. It is fantastic! It is a quick and simple solution to make your house smell wonderful and be steam cleaned at the same time.

We have pets and children in our house, so keeping the tiled downstairs clean is very hard and it is a constant battle as well. As soon as you have cleaned the floors, they are grubby again: muddy paw prints, sticking ribena drops and mushed in food. So I needed a solution that didn’t mean I spent more time doing housework and gives off a nice aroma. Putting Zoflora in the steam cleaner is a great combination, it is safe for the steam cleaner and there are a lot of wonderful fragrances that make your house smell lovely too.

I am writing this cleaning tip up again, because I would really like to be in with a chance of being the Vax brand ambassador, as a family we really need their products to keep our home clean and I think we would do a great job of showing off the products – for that very reason. Have a look online at all the #VaxBrandAmbassador activity and if you get a chance try out my top cleaning hack for your self. 

Housewife cleaning image by Shutterstock.


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My cleaning hack for your steam cleaners

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