A recent blog post idea from Seasider in the City made me think back to the labour room when I was giving birth to Noah and the iPod shuffle was on! I vaguely remember some of the songs I put on the iPod and I only remember 1 song playing from the time & that was Michael jackson – beat it!! Quite fitting really 🙂

The idea from Seasider in the city is to put your iPod or iPhone on shuffle and list the first 5 songs that come up…

So the first 5 songs on my iPhone were:

1) Morcheeba – Otherwise. Hubby got me into Morcheeba, it was on our playlist when we lived by the beach and used to spend lots of time chilling on the beach. It’s such a chilled album and always makes me think back to our lovely walks on the sand, when we first started dating.

2) Earth, Wind & Fire – Gratitude. I love Motown! End of story… Reminds me of being a kid and my mum blasting these albums out on a Sunday afternoon!

3) Journey – Be good to yourself. Another genre of mine that I love is the 80’s, you cannot beat jamming around the room to Journey or a bit of Whitesnake! Makes me feel happy and like I want to get on my feet and dance.

4) Cutting crew – I just died in your arms tonight. I suppose this fits in with. Número 3. I love all this music, despite what the hubby thinks! Great song… Always makes you grab the hairbrush and sing VERY loudly.

5) Crowded house – Not the girl you think you are. One of my most favourite albums, Crowded house greatest hits. I love them so much. I could listen to them all day long, makes me feel happy…

I wonder what songs I’ll remember from the delivery room with this little bump!

A big thank you to Baby Me & Fashion for passing this post idea on to me…

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