This little book, is not only the easiest book on the planet to create, but looks utterly brilliant. I cannot believe there are so many facts about my Mumma’s birth year that I did not know. The book of everyone have very cleverly set up a template for a book for mum, the perfect idea for a Mothers Day gift. This book takes the date of your Mum’s birthday and fills it with a whole loot of facts and information about that birth year and that particular day in question too. It is fascinating! You have until the 14th March to order a digital book, which you can WOW her with on your smart TV screens.

The personal touches to the book are truly magnificent and the opening page with her name in bold looks really good. Throughout the design process there are opportunities to add little personal touches, it is really easy and if you don’t want to – you don’t have to. I have never seen anything like this and I absolutely love the book, I feel like I know my Mumma a little bit more now and there are things we can talk about on Sunday together, that possibly she didn’t even know. It is such a lovely idea and a great keepsake that I am sure any mother would appreciate.

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A digital copy of this book is only £7.50 which is a complete bargain for what you get and the softback book is only £19.50, which again for what you get is a good deal. The hardback book is £29.50 and although you have missed the boat for Mothers Day deliveries now, you could order one if she loves the digital copy – the book would be a great keepsake to sit on the book shelf.

If you hurry there is still time to order a softback version of this book to be delivered in time for Mothers Day, the digital book can be ordered right up until the 14th March. So get on to the website and order your mother a copy: I do not think you will regret it. If you do buy a copy make sure you share a photo of it on your social media channels and link it to the book of everyone – they will love to see your mothers faces: @BookOfEveryone on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.


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Last Update: Monday, 9th March 2015