Isla was recently sent a fantastic parcel from Bundles of Joy, which would be perfect for birthday presents, christening gifts and even “non” chocolately gifts for Easter. Isla has spent the entire weekend giving tea and cakes to her dollys, which has been heartwarming to watch. What a great gift for a child and parent?

Pink basket tea set

Isla adores this tea set and so does Mummy if I am honest. The pink basket tea set is just adorable, the delicate design means it is just a minature version of a grown ups basket. The tea set is a lightweight metal design, so it will be rather durable for those little toddler fingers and dolls tea parties. This little set contains side plates, cups and saucers, spoons, tea pot and a little piece of material with pockets on for the spoons – I thought it was so cute. Watching Isla playing with the tea set, so dainty and elegant, it just made my heart melt. She lined up all her dolls including her new rag doll and fed them cake and they drank tea then they all sat on the sofa to watch Beauty and the Beast. This tea set can be found in the birthday gifts section on Bundles of Joy and is £18.50.

Personalised pink cuddly rag doll

The personalised pink cuddly rag doll is living up to her name; when it all gets too much for little Isla, she takes a little break from her hosting duties and snuggles up with “dolly”, yes Isla named her herself. She loves this little dolly and it is so cute that her name is embroidered onto her dress – Noah keeps saying, ooh that says Isla when he sees the dress. The doll is really soft and cuddly and her dress is really pretty. She loves her and even more so that she sits up for her cups of tea. This rag doll can be found in the christening gifts section on Bundles of Joy and is £15.50.

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