A lot of people are addicted to buying a certain thing or product. When we moved into our new house we found that we clearly had an obsession with a particular brand of furniture! However, the problem lies in the fact that one can have an extremely hard time figuring out which variety of the product they fancy the most. There have been more than enough cases where furniture and cushion enthusiasts have gone on a shopping binge only to find out that they are simply unable to choose the particular furniture piece that they like the most since all of them look appealing in every way.

This is what is known as the “paradox of choice”. A problem that is sweeping across the younger generation in literally every possible walk of life. Whether you are on the desperate lookout for replacement cushion covers for rattan furniture or any other type of cushion accessory, that is a fact. When you have so many enticing options to choose from, where does one even start? This is the fix that most people get into.

All in all, one certainly can’t make the claim that the search for the best cushions will happen overnight, but one needs to get the process kick-started at the very least. Only then will things end up working out more in your favour after a certain time. On that note, here are the three beginner tips to buying cushions:-

Beware of cheap cushion covers: This implies staying clear of cushion covers that are made up of cheap materials such as viscose and the like. Even though it may not seem like a big deal initially, it will be detrimental to the look of your cushions in the long run.

A round look doesn’t really work that well: For most cushion enthusiasts, this is pretty much a no-brainer. Unless you are looking for a very casual look, but that is rare for the most part. Not only will your cushions end up looking rather juvenile, but there is also the fact that not much can be done with them in terms of embellishments.

Keep the size of the cushion in mind: This cannot be stressed enough. There have been too many times of people not bothering to take proper measurements only to reach home and regret their decision. Ideally, the minimum size of the cushion should be 45cm X 45cm. The maximum one should stretch it to is 50 cms.

At the end of the day, the ideal scenario would be that you end up finding the process of buying cushions a lot more easier and laid-back on the whole. That is the key. Bear in mind that the entire process is quite the journey indeed. Figuring out the right styles, colours, sizes and shapes will certainly take its own sweet time and if one is hell-bent on getting their hands on the best cushions, you can’t hurry the process. Doing so is more than likely to backfire, leaving you with cushions that simply don’t fit.

Most of all, there are many benefits to joining Internet chat groups that go a long way in helping you understand the various subtleties behind cushions and their very nature. Most of all, you will interact with a variety of other such cushion lovers, you will be able to bounce ideas off each other and get a different kind of inspiration as well.

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Last Update: Monday, 25th February 2019