Me & Mine over 2014

A year of photos, a year of smiles and all captured on a camera, photos in piles.
Our family together, our family in full, the memories are captured and heartstrings they pull.
I hope you enjoy, watching them grow and The Constants performing their own little show…



I have loved taking photos of my wonderful family over the year, but I keep forgetting to link up to the great Me & Mine project over at Dear Beautiful, so this year I am going to try my hardest to do so. The above photo is from January 2014 through to December 2014, I think it’s fascinating looking back over how much the children have grown and Isla looks so much different now. I have so many selfie family shots from December that it was hard to pick.

dear beautiful

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    • Thank you Katie. I really appreciate it 🙂 It was rather magical at the waterfall. It is in Cumbria. You should have a gander if you are ever up that way. Its about 4 hours drive if I remember rightly.

      PS glad you can comment on my blog now hehe. xx

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