When it comes to helping people with dementia, something as simple as sitting down with them and having a cup of tea and a natter about whatever it is that comes up can help a treat. It can make the world of difference to that someone. It is something that I have only just started to look into and understand, so many facts and research scattered all over the internet – but that one sentence has stuck with me: make time for a cuppa! 

  SunLife have created a simple to use tool in support of this campaign from Dementia UK, the tool is all about tea personality. What does your tea say about you? You can view the tea personality tool on the SunLife website and all you need to do is choose your tea colour. 

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I am a milky tea person



Plant based milk, can I quickly add! So what does milky tea say about me then: 

“You are a downright kind-hearted person, but don’t let anyone mistake this for naivety or foolishness because you’re smart and always asking the right questions. You love a good dunking biscuit and have a great sense of humour. Others would describe you as a fantastic friend with a knack for keeping secrets…most of the time.”

Well I think this is quite true, apart from the naivety comment, I can be very naive sometimes. But I love a good biscuit dunking session and I think I have a good sense of humour. That will help when I have my cuppa with the people that I love around me that have dementia. 



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Last Update: Tuesday, 10th May 2016