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Cicciobello sent Isla their new doll, Sunny, he is here on a mission to teach Isla all about the dangers of the sun and how to be safe and responsible. All by using a special necklace pendant and matching bracelet that changes colour depending on the UV levels. Its very clever. 


Sunny gets treated like all of Isla’s other dolls, he gets fed and walked around the garden in the pram and has even had changes of clothes. Sunny has hair, closing eyes and her arms/legs move too, so not only does he come with an important message but he can also be played with.


A doll that tans

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 12.03.36Not only does Cicciobello Sunny act like a normal doll, he can also tan. When left out in the sunshine Sunny will tan, the stronger the sun – the darker he tans. This shows Isla and Noah the effects of being in the sunshine without suncream and poor Sunny did get covered in cream last weekend when the sun was shining. 

You can see tan lines around Sunny’s tummy and face, then when you bring him out of the sunshine he turns back to his normal skin colour. 

There is a lot of useful information on the guide that comes with Sunny, so you can read about the safety guidelines and then teach them to the children. It’s great when they are learning about safety and important things like this, without even knowing about it. 

Teaching children about Sun safety

Although Cicciobello Sunny is meant for fun and his colour changing properties are exciting to children, he comes with a serious message too, and opens up a valuable discussion between child and parent about their own sun care regime. This is why each doll comes with an informative guide both for parent and child about how to prevent sunburn and its ensuing health effects. By following Cicciobello’s rules children can learn about why the daily routine is necessary and make it a fun part of playing outside.  

Isla now asks for her sunglasses and suncream when the sun is shining and her bracelet turns purple. I am looking forward to taking him on our holiday to see their reactions to the strong sun in Spain and watching how Isla reacts to her tan lines, see if she has taken the message on board. 


You can buy the Cicciobello Sunny doll for RRP £29.99, it is currently selling on Amazon for only £19.99. You can read more about Cicciobello Sunny from the Flair website here:


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Disclosure: we received this product in return for an honest review, all opinions are my own. 

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