Make the digital era safe for your kids with mobile phone parental control tools

Kids who are born at this age do not need to learn technology. They open their eyes in the face of it and by the time they are toddlers they know how to swipe and take pictures from these phones and other digital devices. When they get older it is like second nature for them. But as these devices have facilitated many things, they also come with various troubles especially for kids who are vulnerable and naïve. Is it safe? Dangerous social media trends, online predation, anonymous chatting, games and sexting apps and cyber bullying and the internet addiction are the reasons child safety experts recommend supervision and monitoring of children’s digital activities. It is necessary to observe and make sure that they act responsibly and safely.

How can you supervise?

  • Start talking to your kids as soon as you let them surf the internet and devices. Tell them about the dangers and how they can be safe.
  • Lay down the ground rules about sharing personal info, talking to strangers and sexting.
  • Keep the shared devices in a place you can keep an eye on them.
  • Make screen time rules and stick to them
  • Use parental control apps for personal devices

Monitoring personal devices

Keeping a check on the personal devices is the most important but it is difficult as well. As the devices are in their control, they can easily hide and overlook the safety rules. They also ask for privacy. That is why mobile phone parental control tools are suggested for less intrusive and better monitoring. Parents can keep an eye remotely and kids can enjoy on their own. But at the same time, parents can know if anything goes out of bounds.

FamilyTime parental control is an app made for this purpose. With this app, parents can check a number of online and phone activities and limit certain things as well. Check out the details:

  • Web history, bookmarks, and installed apps monitoring
  • SMS, call logs and contacts monitoring
  • Contact Watchlist with alerts
  • Content filtration on iTunes
  • Mobile app blocker – for blocking unsafe apps
  • Daily app usage limit
  • Screen time limits and phone locks
  • TimeBank – kids can save up screen time
  • FunTime – use the minutes later
  • Location tracking
  • Mobile Geofence – check in and check out alerts for designated places
  • SOS and Pickup alerts
  • Speed limits and over speed notifications

See how monitoring sounds easy with FamilyTime. Try out all the above-mentioned facilities for free with a three-day trial download. It is available for iOS and Android apps.

Encourage device free time

Along with using mobile phone parental control apps, encourage device free dinners, family time and physical activity. Keep your own phone activities in limit so that the kids know that the rules are not only for them. Get involved with them, which is the most effective way to be close to them, especially teens. This way it becomes easier for them to share.


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  • bill
    April 20, 2018

    Great article. We’ve been looking at some popular solutions for this lately. Gave them all a try including what you recommended above, but finally settled on Netsanity. We love it, kid’s not so much….(cue evil laugh).

Thursday 23 November 2017
Make the digital era safe for your kids with mobile phone parental control tools

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