I was asked to get creative for International Friendship Day (July 30 2016) and of course the first thing I thought of was yarn! My favourite type of creative material. When I was younger I used to love making friendship bracelets and I just know this is something little Isla will love doing too. I thought I would make little Isla a friendship bracelet to show her what is involved. I selected some lovely colours from Deramores and found some friendship bracelet guides on YouTube.

We are working with three colours: Olive, Peony and Lavender. I am choosing to do a simple bracelet: a candy stripe pattern.

How to make a candy stripe friendship bracelet with three colours

Firstly you need to cut your three yarns about a metre long. Fold it in half, so that the sides are equal and tie a knot at the centre of the fold. This creates a loop to fasten your bracelet around your wrist. It also comes in handy to hook the bracelet onto something so that you can complete the bracelet easily.

We should now have 6 strands of our yarn with a knotted loop in the centre.

Spread your strands of yarn out in the pattern you want them to be in your bracelet. So for example I want my bracelet to be pink, purple and then green. So I will lay my yarn out like so: pink, purple, green, pink, purple, green.

Starting with the first strand of yarn, you need to complete a forward knot around the next strand of yarn.

Continue to make a forward knot around all of the strands of yarn until you get to the end and leave.

So now my yarn looks like: purple, green, pink, purple, green, pink and a row of pink knots at the top.

You continue to do this all the way across the yarns until you have the desired length of bracelet.

When the bracelet is long enough, tie a knot in the end and leave some strands of yarn to tie to the loop we created at the start.

And there you have it, your very own candy striped bracelet that you can give to your friends or family. Little Isla loved her bracelet and we are looking forward to making some more over the weekend.

You can watch a candy stripe bracelet tutorial I found on YouTube too, which shows you exactly what to do. If like me, you learn visually.

Have fun and more importantly have a super International Friendship Day tomorrow.

I would love to see your own creations, tag me on social media or comment below, using the hashtag #ConstantFriendshipBracelet

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